Monday, September 28, 2015

Donald Trump's Real Poll Numbers


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Not so long ago, the Lame Cherry predicted that the cartel (By the way Ted Cruz has now picked up that title and has been using it...........without a Super PAC donation for the Lame Cherry doing the thinking for the mate from Canada.)

Any way, the cartel has been busy skewing the polls, saying Donald Trump's numbers are tanking and he is stagnant.........little problem with reality though in the current Zogby poll shows this:

A new poll conducted by Zogby Analytics after last week’s Republican presidential debate on CNN shows Donald Trump leading Dr. Ben Carson by 20 points.
According to the survey, conducted September 18-19, made up of 405 likely Republican primary/caucus voters nationwide, Trump garnered the support of 33 percent, which is an increase of 2 percentage points since Zogby’s previous poll. Dr. Ben Carson remains in second place, but dropped 3 points to 13 percent.
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s support stayed flat at 9 percent, while support for former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has grown from 2 percent to 7 percent.
The new poll shows Texas Senator Ted Cruz at 5 percent, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and Ohio Governor John Kasich all at 4 percent. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stands at 3 percent.

So, here is the reality as Rush Limbaugh today was trying to talk down Mr. Trump too in being not a hater, but a lover this mic slob is terrified of taking a stand for America, because Big Koch would cancel him, as much as it would prove Limbaugh could not get Obama elected to a pedophile molesters club, which the image was the only voting member.

The game in this is to make people believe that Fiorina is surging and Carson is neck and neck with Trump........Fiorina is as of no consequence as Jeb Bush and Ben Carson has hit the plantation ceiling.

In a Lame Cherry Inspired inquiry, Donald Trump is sitting nationally at 35% among Republicans, Democrats, Independents.
His real numbers among Republicans is 82% of the vote.
His real numbers among Democrats is 22% of the vote.
His real numbers among Independents is 47% of the vote.

Hillary Clinton's numbers among Democrats is 18%.

Jeb Bush's numbers among Republicans is 2%.

For those who need an explanation of the matrix reading of this, there are more gene pool Democrats, but not all will vote. The matrix is exact in what it responds to. In the people who will actually vote, Donald Trump's numbers are 63% of the combined Republican, Democrat and Independents.

I post that real insider information as I detest this ham fisted attempt to manipulate the herd you are a bleating part of.

The one thing I am pleased of is Marco Rubio, who I said the matrix was pointing to as a Vice Presidential nominee for Mr. Trump, has been carving off pounds of his own flesh in a quid pro quo in trying to savage Mr. Trump as all others have failed.

This leaves open the door for my logical choice of a New Mexican Governor for Mr. a trade off as TL likes Senator Jeff Sessions, and there is that other favorite of Mark Levin for Speaker in the other  Jeb as in Jeb Hensarling of Texas.

You are being lied to, and it is only going to get more outrageous and devious, as the operations are exposed in not working and Mr. Trump's numbers continue to build.