Monday, September 28, 2015

Why the Rich hate Donald Trump's Tax Reformation


yes that is Rush Limbaugh booger picking in the above photo in the owner's box of the 
New England Patriots 

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If you noticed today, Forbes magazine has been riding Donald Trump's ass, the International Business Tribune released as snarky bit of propaganda against Mr. Trump's Tax Reformation, and Rush Limbaugh could not be bothered to read a page from Mr. Trump's site to be able to comment on the Reformation, but he could put on the air a numbnuts he scripted disliking Mr. Trump for taxing the "productive rich who earned it".

For the record, none of these hedge fund crooks from Warren Buffett on down, earned a penny of that money. Those billions were looted from your savings investments and you have been left holding the debt every time.

I am moved in this to explain to you why the rich like Rush Limbaugh hate Donald Trump's Tax Reformation, and it comes down to the one sentence, "Donald Trump's Tax Reformation makes Rush Limbaugh pay taxes, instead of your having to pay Limbaugh's taxes for this billionaire."

I have explained previously that there is not such a thing that any regime which taxes people ever does not get every dollar. Take for example you reside in a metro with 7% sales tax. 7 goes into 100, 14 times approximately, meaning in about five days, that dollar has circulated 14 times in a community and in taxes, the regime has confiscated that original dollar.

That is the way it is with poor people. They pay the highest rates of all, because all of their taxes are hidden in prices for the things we all purchase. Bread does not cost 3 dollars a loaf, but it is marginal costs, and those taxes on Social Security, fuel, electric, phone etc... which corporations pass onto you.

You buy a loaf of bread a week for 52 loaves, at 156 dollars. That 156 dollars is a greater portion of your poverty wage of 21,000 dollars compared to Rush Limbaugh's 60 million dollars. The same holds true for Forbes or IBT which is a shill for the crony capitalists, all of which I have explained get massive tax deductions.

Rush Limbaugh used to brag about his private jet which he leases. That is all a business expense, and is a deduction worth more than you will ever earn. The regime still needs money to fix your bridges, roads, pay for schools, cops, firemen, EMT etc..., and when it does not get the 1.5 million for that jet, which is a deduction that would yield about 450,000 in tax money.......that money comes from you, hidden in the things you need to buy to live like gas and food costs.

Now that you are at this point, consider what I have written previously in the EIB is all tax deductible from the dittocam, as you pay for it, websites, microphones, driving to work, is all tax deductions.
Then there is the Liberty books, mind raping children...........all tax deductions.
Then there is Two if by Tea........another tax deduction. All people getting a wage in writing the books to whoever loads the bottles, are all tax deductions and you are paying for it.

That is what Donald Trump is speaking of in making people pay their fair share in taxes. It is why Limbaugh blurted out "I am a fair tax man" to counter Mr. Trump. Well hell who would not be, as in a Fair or Flat Tax, everyone pays the same rate, whether it is you at 50,000 dollars paying 23% or Rush Limbaugh at 60 million paying 23%. Not fair at all, but it benefits Rush Limbaugh and why he backs it in pure form.
There are more poor people than rich people, so more people will pay more in taxes while Limbaugh keeps more millions.

What Mr. Trump's tax would do to Forbes, IBT and Limbaugh is make them pay taxes and not get you to pay taxes for them in those deductions they get.

So let us run the Limbaugh numbers, under his Fair Tax he would pay 13.8 million. Under Mr. Trump's Tax Reformation, Limbaugh would pay 15 million dollars. Under Obama taxes, the rate is 35% on that 60 million, but there are all those deductions, all those "donations" to "tax deductible charities", and then there is that Warren Buffett scheme of foundations, tax free bonds, and trust funds..........and next thing you know is something takes place like Mr. Trump said, in these people end up paying not a cent in taxes.

Limbaugh, like Forbes and these other billionaires, are all against Donald Trump, because they are going to end up paying taxes, and as Mr. Trump stated, the rest of you are going to either pay nothing in income tax or get a tax break.

That is the reality of booger picker Rush Limbaugh. Of all the things to get caught doing in picking boogers on national like trashing Donald Trump, because you are a billionaire  tax cheat like all the rich who never pay taxes and expect the poor to fund donations to the Lame Cherry blog.

Here is to all the booger pickers!