Friday, September 11, 2015

Donald Trump's Sex

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The ridiculous consideration of Carly Fiorina for Donald Trump's Vice President just because she is a skirt at the ball is brainless in those promoting this.

Fiorina, could not win her own state of California in a Senate race with millions in GOP money dumped in, along with her advocacy for Mexicans.
She is recovering from cancer. She attacked Donald Trump and that will be played back non stop by democrats.
She is dead weight on any ticket in being a liberal. She brings nothing to the ticket for domestic or foreign expertise. She can not deliver the one thing which is vital in a home state to a Presidential ticket.

Let us move on to some real choices for Donald Trump.

Condolezza Rice

pros: Rice overhauled Iraq and stabilized it with the surge. Foreign policy expert. Black female.

cons: Praised Hillary Clinton as terrific, soft on abortion, not a Conservative hard liner, does not bring a certain electoral state

Linda Chavez 

pros: Served Ronald Reagan, pro gun, Conservative, well versed debater, advocates immigrants to assimilate.

cons: Does not bring a sure electoral state.

Governor Niki Halley, South Carolina

pros: Conservative, brings South Carolna

cons; Removed Confederate flag

Governor Susana Martinez, New Mexico

 pros: Pro life, pro gun, pro limited taxes, brings New Mexico

cons: none


Liz Cheney, Assistant Sec. of State in Mideast Affairs

pros: Dick Cheney Conservative, foreign policy, mother of 5, pro gun, pro life, secures Wyoming

cons: Wyoming has only 3 electoral college votes


Laura Bush

pros: Popular first lady, brings Texas and the Jebcavers

cons: Bush family, soft Conservative.


Bridget K. VanMeans

pros: Founder of faith based Strategic Development, Thrive pro life of Missouri, mother, Conservative

cons: Lightning rod for pro life and might not deliver the black vote or Missouri.