Friday, September 11, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg: Fagbook

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the continuing expose' on the pervert that Facebook intellectual property robber, Mark Zuckerberg is, we now present these discomforting story in the reality that Mark Zuckerberg, and his male dominated misogynists at Facebook, have access to all of your personal information, the photos and locations of your children.........and that should be enough.

The above is a photo from upstate New York at the wedding of the incestuous Fagbook crew of Zuckerberg hires entire families who are attracted to his perverted existence. The wedding was for Justin Shaffer, Facebook's product manager.......and for reasons only a degenerate would understand, Zuckerberg and his employees are all stripped.

Sam Lessin, another Facebook product manager is growling at the camera, and as you can witness, two men are engaged in something together behind him.


Study Zuckerberg in the above photo. Is the placement of his hand, that of a male or a female. In forensic psychology, Zuckerberg is presenting as a female. Mark Zuckerberg is another psychotic sodomite, who apparently has hired a China Doll to provide him cover for not coming out of the closet.

Once again the reality is, what normal person strips at some one's wedding? I am certain the bride, Annabel Teal, must have been thrilled having this take place on her special day.
The reality is, what kind of absolutely, without human comprehension, creature joins in getting undressed in public, without one thought about ruining other people's gatherings?

Once again, we have a reality that this fagtard Mark Zuckerberg HAS ACCESS to all of your private information, using Facebook he has an open portal to ALL of your files on your computers to spy on you, and only satan knows what he is masturbating to.

It is not just Zuckerberg, but all of these hirelings who stripped at a wedding and out of control, who have access to all of your computer files via Facebook. That includes the Gilbert who emailed me, demanding more information from me, as birth certificates and state identification were not enough. They wanted my phone number and I am expecting the next request will be for upskirt photos to make certain I am real.
That is the corporate reality of Facebook leering at all people.

That should make you quite uncomfortable if you are normal.

What astounds me most in this is the simple reality, that you have Homeland Security. NSA and CIA professionals, and they are spending billions of dollars to prop up this fag freak Zuckerberg. This must be a real eye roller for the professionals, and I honestly wonder how often they exhale and discuss the pleasure it would be to neutralize this freak, and put Facebook into the minder hands of one of their own, as they did at Breitbart.

I just do not comprehend how the NSA can tolerate a loose end like Mark Zuckerberg. He is untrustworthy in cheated people to get Facebook, started Facebook to spy on women, and now is an Obama asset who strips at weddings and is the kind of freak open to all sorts of foreign blackmail.
For those who think Hillary Clinton's emails were the prize, just consider the prize turning Zuckerberg or his cast of freaks would be for Peking, Moscow or Tehran........or for a competitor sub operational group.

I am a very popular girl in posting these Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter.

Nuff said.


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