Friday, September 11, 2015

Facebook Stalking Continues


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In investigating the email alert, as Gilbert has yet to respond to my demand for a statement from Facebook concerning the stalking and terrorizing they have subjected me to, I received an email from Facebook stating someone attempted to reset the password to the account which I am locked out of.

I have officially demanded now as a member of the press a statement from Facebook for this criminal activity and intimidation.

I am a member of the press, and I fully am going to expose this and press this to making it an issue which will bring those misogynists to a criminal investigation of their fraternity atmosphere in stalking women.

This is a demand by a member of the press corp for a statement from Facebook concerning what has been a seizure of my account, and a continuous stalking by someone employed by Facebook.

I am working on an article concerning this harassment, and will include your response. In providing documentation on three different occasions, including my press credentials, I was greeted this morning by an alert that someone was attempting to reset my password. This was not me, as it is a reality that I can not even access any Facebook page.

My articles have featured expose' of Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, in the latest featured his stripping at an employees wedding with other employees. The misogyny of Facebook is well known in hiring having only 1/3rd of the employees females, and now this female reporter is facing the same criminal stalking from this fraternity mindset which pervades Facebook.

This is now going to evolve into a series, and I am giving Facebook the opportunity to provide a statement, as these thug tactics may intimidate the timid, but the press is not going to be trampled on and silenced, when Facebook attacks reporters for being feminists.

My phone number has been phished for.
My birth records have been phished for.
My national identity card has been phished for.
My IP address has been phished for.
And now Facebook in locking me out of my account, has violated my privacy again in someone attempted to hack into my account.

Sincerely, Lame Cherry

The Press is forever in the written word, and I will do to Mark Zuckerberg in exposing him, as what this blog did to nation rapist Warren Buffett. The limp cower at these power elite, but I do not. This little Facebook operation to attempt to distract me from removing the cartel candidates an leave Donald Trump exposed is not going to work.........I can and will do more than this as my blood is up, and Facebook is going to receive the reporting it deserves as a Nazi tool of the state.