Wednesday, September 16, 2015

From an Old Friend


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

God is a very loving God and proves how good He is in people like J who wrote me this letter today. I would much rather feature letters like this than the not sparing the rod ones, but both are teaching in proper behavior, as there will come a time when people who are not bright enough to not insult people, are going to have their neighborhood lynch mob string them up, as people just get fed up with those impolite.

Facebook was not letting me see a whole lot today. I had a few feeds post from others, but that was it, as things were not loading....after I published that Whad da Pussy article. The cartel is spending a great deal of effort and resources to gather for the feast, the stab it with their steely eyes, but they just can't kill the beast which is Donald Trump. I assume that my posts put out enough fires, and enough of you good people commented to the Jebcavers that it has got us this far....and they do not want me adorning fascist media Facebook educating the mob.

Hi LC,

It has been a while since I have been able to send you a donation, as it is the least that I can do for reading your blog every day.  I pray for you and TL and your mother and animals often and ask that Jesus our Lord and Savior can protect and bless you for all that you do for me.  I really enjoy your blog and would not know what to do each day without it.  I know that I am not perfect and each time I start to have doubts and start to sin, your blog helps to set me straight and reminds me to reach out to Christ for redemption.  I know that donating to you has put me in the cross-hairs of the cartel and their minders, but I don't care as the Holy Spirit has guided me to do so.  You are risking far more than I ever could and sending you some funds once and a while is very small compared to what I receive from your blog each day.

My daughter just started kindergarten this fall and we enrolled her in a Christian Academy as I wanted her to be exposed to Christ each day at school, as I can not teach her enough.  When she is old enough, then I will have her start to read your blog as well with me if you are still at it then.  I pray that you are, as the end times are near and your inspirations are very informative and will help us to survive in those horrible times.  I don't have a Facebook account either and if I had the funds, then I would love to help you launch the Freebook site that you wrote about, as it is needed especially now. 

Thanks again for all that you do and I want you to know that you have a friend out in the West and may our Lord Jesus Christ richly bless and protect you and your family and animals and crops.

Your Friend Always,


For those without diplomacy, this is how polite people speak to each other. J can be any number of you who are always trying harder and thinking the errors are grave. It is good that we all police ourselves as we have to, but I would that the good children would just give themselves a bit of a break, as I know Jesus does all the time......especially with me.

I like hearing about peoples lives. To hear the good and the trials. We all need to share, and it all reveals the Goodness of God shining through us.

I just would that the wealthy people who have the big investments and are lying about how poor they are, would remember that there are people who donate who do not have that much and should be spending it on their children. I have a policy though that I am not going to deny people from donating if they are moved. That would be a slap to them, but it does tear at me inside because I know what money means, and I would that I had money to give. I keep hoping someday that one rich person would step up and show they are not what the Bible defines in going to hell in having their reward here, and that their love for money is the root of the evil they are.
People who hate Donald Trump because he is rich, never focus on the fact that before Donald Trump was a multi billionaire, he was donating money to a farm wife whose husband committed suicide over debt. He donated so she would not lose the farm and it was tens of thousands of dollars. Same with the people who stopped and helped him when his limo broke down.....he paid their mortgage off.......Sick child, he flies the kid on his own jet which costs thousands of dollars an hour to run to the hospital.
Donald Trump just might be a billionaire, because as a millionaire he was being generous even in hard financial times to help people who were poor.

I am not saying like Brother Copeland that if you donate here, you are going to be made rich. I am saying that rich people never do step up and help others......unless of course there is a tax write off in it like Rush Limbaugh.

Today we just finished jacking up a hutch the goats are in. I am not finished, as this is like day 3 on it, in that nightmare of if I could afford a skid steer to clean pens I would not have had this mountain of crap to there........and if horses could fly.
I have to get these three females out and grazing though, as they are thin, but the heat has been so bad they would have died.......and last night as I was prowling around, those damn coyotes were yipping about a quarter of a mile away. A shot to the air and my using colorful language and  they were on their way. I sure would like Mr. Putin to loan me a night scope to tune those canines up, down and all around.

Sorry Mom came through with the paper. We were playing name the Catholic kids, as the mother just died who had 15 kids. I got 13 of them..........seen a kid I went to school with shot himself and the next day his mom died, probably from the shock.
Always think of all the people I could name who should send up a brain mist or should be removed from this world, and they are still above soil and not in hell, and then others always but for the grace of God, go I.

Well the laundry is done and that means hanging it on the line as more to do. I want the Lord to return more and more every day to just relax a bit.......or to give those of us a Robes Pierre time, when we could without regime intervention thing out all kinds of two legged varmints with a rope like the good olde days. I really believe that Americans if they discover again how much they like hanging, shooting and feeding cadavers to the hogs rooting around, they just are not going to the French had a hard time reigning it in when they found out how much they enjoyed weeding out the vermin.

I would think with all the various things the Lame Cherry has written on, and now witnessing things like "hang the bankers" in detailed articles of people at gatherings all thinking they would like something like that, that the rich would kind of figure out that group is really going to have to deal with things.
I have said it before.......that the mob is going to take those pretty things and rape those pretty people, and the neat thing is for those like Limbaugh, is that Beau Snerdly will eventually like the police, and all that rich dude security, are going to figure out that all they have to do is pull the trigger, then they can be Rush Limbaugh and the lovely Katherine will be more than happy to be open for business as strong males will then be the in thing.

Yeah, I have to get a mystery tomatoe gutted and the laundry on the line.

Nice letters are always enjoyed.

God bless the Good children with even more support, care, deliverance and comfort for their kindness to me and their Faithfulness to God, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen