Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Trump Debate Victory Zwei

Trump wants to talk to Putin. Fiorina does not want to talk to anyone. Jeb Bush wants to talk Spanish and Marco Rubio reads Spanish.

Ben Carson sounds like Louis Farrakhan.

Carly Fiorina sounds like Lily Tomlin on Laugh In with here One Ringy Dingy operator.

I view Chris Christie did well. I suspect that Governor Christie and Sen. Ted Cruz have auditioned to be in the Trump White House.....and in the Bush White House.

Marco Rubio decided to be Jeb Bush's tingling leg as much as Carly Fiorina was Bush's tingling twat.

Trump won on the Iraq War moment and his pointing out to Jeb Bush what a disaster George W. Bush was in the last months in giving America Birther Obama, for the real point above the Jeb Clappers stacked in the audience again as in Ohio........BECAUSE DONALD TRUMP WON THE DEMOCRATIC AUDIENCE WHICH IS THE CROSSOVER VOTE IN THE NOVEMBER 2016 ELECTIONS.
Jeb Bush and Rand Paul like stooging the can win without the GOP base and these left wing voters, Donald Trump just proved that he will win with the GOP and Democratic base voters.
For every cheering against Donald Trump at the Reagan Library, there was cheering for Donald Trump with a larger voting percentage of Democrats.

A woman on the $10 dollar bill? Alexander Hamilton, the American who built American finance, should be untouched, but then why should not a disgusting foreigner who was deceased on June 13, 2013 with a jinn image replacement, as the definition of colonial feudalism and economic enslavement not desire to remove the Father of American Finance.

The reality is, there is not a female worthy on the national level who ever accomplished for America what Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, Grant and Franklin accomplished for Americans. Carly Fiorina as much as Hillary Clinton are the definition of that reality of mistaking shrill for success.
There is too much of this handing out Nobel Prizes, CEO positions and Presidencies for family names, to those of no national accomplishment.

In the end, Donald Trump accomplished what he needed to do, and that was look Presidential, appeal to Democrats, not destroy his base, and leaving Jeb Bush look without batteries as his energizer bunny needs more than a Secret Service nickname.

.........and do you really think that Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie did not have the questions beforehand?

In the end, Donald Trump won. In listening to this and not watching it, the polling should trend Trump, Carson should erode, Fiorina can only ride the genital vote so far, Cruz is stagnant, Rubio might shave a few points, but Chris Christie stood out and should rise, as he did what Jeb Bush hired him to do, and that is be Jeb with a dick.

nuff said