Tuesday, September 15, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I hate idiots who waste my time. As readers know, the Holy Ghost Inspired me to make a chickwagon and I had to mix and match it to make it work.
I think I downloaded half a dozen videos before I found one which was intelligent, and in looking for a cold frame or cloche, I continued on and downloaded another half a dozen videos off of gaytube.

All were worthless, except this one from Gardenfork.tv. I am featuring their site in they have nothing to do with me and probably would hate me as most people do. I like them though as they make me laugh and have great ideas and leave the mistakes in so you can learn.

They were building a cold frame, using the basic design I was Inspired to. I used light stock wire and they used light concrete wire. The videos are all self explanatory and that is what I am promoting in, these people actually build and use things and tell you when things fall apart in bad designs.
I was watching a know it all build something earlier this year out of plastic pipe and I knew it  would be too hot, fall apart and blow away in the wind. This gomer never tried his design, just posted it as all knowing as most trolls do.

People waste hours on Facebook and other worthless sites. In what is coming into their lives, it would be worth your while to download off of gaytube these people's videos and watch them to learn how to do things before the electric goes out.

I enjoyed the videos as the builder is someone who messes up at times. His wife is delightful running the camera and the segue is not crappy music or bad editing, but you get to watch the dogs. I just started laughing as being on a grass patch, I have had dogs, cats, goats jacking off on my power saw and Libby my horse standing on top of me as I fixed fence, because she was being protective that day. That is real life and not This Old House sets. Real life has you poked in the butt by a nail, dogs slobbering on you, wind blowing your plastic......and the thing about these people is they are happy. There is no being short tempered or nasty to each other or the dogs when they are tired, and they were tired as the puppies were tired as it was a few hours project.

I can not speak to all the videos these people post as I only have this one, but I was impressed enough to give the credit here, as they apparently run on donations too, which sucks to poverty. So be nicer to them than you are to me you brats, as they are nice people who I have no idea what their political leanings are. They just are good teachers.