Tuesday, September 15, 2015

MH370 Freescale

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Throughout the internet, there has arisen a group of planted stories focusing on the downing of Malaysian Flight MH370 over the Ukraine, an event which the Obama regime in their militant UN Ambassador Samantha Powers has been trying to pin on Vladimir Putin in open slander of the Russians at the United Nations.

A new twist in this has inoculated this blame game in the passenger list included 20 senior staff of a US technology corporation Freescale Semiconductor.
More intrigue arises in 4 of the murdered passengers happened to be Chinese nationals working in America, and holding a patent on a new process of the number of dies produced on a wafer.
The story points to Jacob Rothschild out of Blackstone investments now holding the patent to give this story lift, along with the fingering of the Bush family via the Carlyle Group of investments.

To rewind this, Freescale was created by Motorola in 1948, and then in the 21st century became independent where it was then leveraged in a buyout by Blackstone in 2006 in an almost 18 billion dollar takeover.

The interesting part in this, is 370 was shot down, and while the Russians were blamed in an Obama regime propaganda stunt over Ukraine involvement in which the cartel was seizing back Ukraine from Russia after promising it to Vladimir Putin, is that the hardware to shoot down 370 was in the hands of all of these investment corporations, which have on their boards the financial, political and intelligence leaders to actually carry this off.

This was coordinated obviously. What instinct tells me is that Vladimir Putin is the source of this new line of information exposing that 20 employees and 4 patent holders who were Chinese nationals working for Americans were on board that flight, and the finger is pointed at the cartel.
It was of course not an accident that most of the employees were on this Malaysian flight, flying over war territory. An event was required and someone decided to place Freescale employees on this flight to remove them.

Freescale has suffered major problems in lawsuits, as this corporation has a problem with at the least corporate espionage or outright sifting through patents as the Chinese do and pirating copies off of the technology.

This would translate that the cartel desired to mass murder some people and blame Russians in the Ukraine. Someone decided that it would be a positive to place a number of employees from Freescale on this flight, who are Chinese nationals. Vladimir Putin's FSB reverse engineered this, and assisted in the placing of these stories to start a backfire to point the bloody finger at the original source.

In assessing this, the intrigue is the real reason these employees were mass murdered and hidden on this flight. They are the key to this.

Inquiry points to the reality that Peidong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Cheng and Li Ying Zhijong, all the Suzhou City, were spies for the PLA, using American technology to backengineer patents, which got Freescale into lawsuits, and the information was turned over to Peking.

You have to understand how this all works. There are various intelligence operations, both overt and covert. You know of the CIA, NSA etc..., but then there are covert boards not in any regime, and then there are the sub operational groups, who answer to various factions who monitor situations in the shadowlands. Each group have clearance or hands off levels.

To put this in context, the cartel wanted an event to turn public wrath against Vladimir Putin, and for payment reasons, the Malaysians owe a large debt in downed airliners.
The Obama regime initiated the operation.
A sub operational group as they often do, obtained information on this operation, and in reviewing situations on their desk, initiated an operation of their own to piggyback on the original operation as is often the case. That operation was to deal with this espionage.

The Russian FSB either through surveillance or through another operational sub group pointed the FSB in the proper direction to "work their more flexible deal" our making a better offer than the Obama betrayal over Ukraine, and this is the story we have presented before us.

Not much loss in this from the feudal lords view, and for the shadowlands it will probably clip that idiot Samantha Power's wings at the UN in operations against Mr. Putin.

Can't really lament people so stupid and cheap to be flying Malaysian airlines in being Darwin candidates.........you do remember that original 777 Boeing was brought down over Airbus contracts right?
Airbus crashes and a German pilot is smeared for it.........

Starting to notice more operations in all of this eh? Enough of that as I have rescued the Prince and he is off riding the beast and slaying dragons.

OK have explained enough.