Tuesday, September 22, 2015

George for Don

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was trying to figure out Flip Floppy Lil Bro Bush AKA Jeb Bush.

Here is the Jeb Bush history with his Big Brother, George W. Bush.

First Jeb hated George for choosing to run for President before  Jeb, by running for Governor of Texas while Jeb was running for Governor of Florida.
Then Jeb hated George for stealing all of Jeb's campaign lines.

Then Jeb loved George in posing like a monkey with his Presidential brother.

Then Jeb hated George for trying to save Terri Schaivo when Jeb was trying to kill her.

Then Jeb loved George for getting rid of the Conservatives for 8 years so Jeb could run in 2016.

Then Jeb hated George for winning in Iraq, as Jeb wants to hate the GOP base and win the Presidency while loving the invader sodomite base of Hillary Clinton.

Now though, as Donald Trump is climbing a mountain higher in record poll numbers each week..........Jeb is back to loving George W. Bush.

Jeb blurted out in the second Tapper debate, that George Kept Us Safe..........I do not know if that was meant in President Bush kept Jeb's wife, Jeb's stalker, doper and sex freak children safe from prosecution or if it was about safe from terrorists.

What I am certain of now is Jeb Bush is a sociopath with a split personality, who seems to have two faces.........one day he hates George Bush and the next day he loves George Bush. The problem being, he only seems to love his Big Brother, when Jeb's ass is in trouble and he needs George to bail him out.

Honestly, I want to see George W. Bush announce he is voting for Donald Trump, as he does not want a neurotic little brother with his greasy taco fingers on the nuclear trigger.

It is like Ben Carson coming out that he does not want a Muslim in charge of the White House, but likes Muslims best as taxi cab drivers. Apparently there are allot of people who like Muslim cab drivers as Carson says his numbers are up after that statement.......never mind that Carson is getting huge infusions from the Black Super Pac or Herman Caine, or whatever the last Negroid was who was in the GOP run for the Oval Office.

So this week Jeb loves George. I know it sounds gay, but was it not a month ago Jeb hated Asians.....so what are the odds, Jeb will now love Asians and then hate Muslims, as Ben Carson is doing well in putting the taxi cab ceiling on where Muslims can serve in America.

What Jeb Bush is, is worse than a flip flopper. Jeb Bush is worse than a brother backstabber. Jeb Bush is both of those and more, as Jeb Bush is a neurotic sociopath with a split personality.

I do not want to think where he keeps his Energizer Bunny when on stage.