Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Fuse that Lights World War

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The real establishment of the Soviet Union, was one of the most interesting slight of hands in history. For years the Russian Czars had been intrigued to take a stand against Germany, in order to take eastern lands.
When World War I was finally instigated, and Germany was winning as Russia had collapsed in revolution.
It was then the feeble minded socialist Woodrow Wilson who rose to beat German heads with swords and bury their corpses with ploughshares, in Wilsonian Peace like Obama Terror Peace.

To this, the Germans seeking to survive moved against Russia, by helping to move Lenin back into Russia, as this communist twister had promised Germany to end the war, once in power.

"Russia had collapsed, the Jew Kerensky formed the first revolutionary government and decided to continue the war against Germany—a preposterous idea considering the condition of Russia at that time. Germany, eager to end the war in the east, decided to help a new and more radical revolution in Russia.

Lenin, leader of the far left Communists, was residing in Zurich. He had promised to end the war with Germany as soon as he was in control of Russia and negotiations began for his secret transport through Germany to St. Petersburg. I am somewhat familiar with these occurrences because my father was at that time the top member of the German press corps in Switzerland and got involved in the above-mentioned negotiations.

The Jews outside Germany decided to help Lenin along in his bid for power and sent his comrade Trotsky (Bronstein) and hundreds of Communist Jewish radicals from Brooklyn, armed with untold millions of dollars, to Russia. The rest is well-known history as far as the events in Russia are concerned."

Under Two Flags by Heinz Weichardt

That is the hidden intrigue in this. The Ashkanez financiers of London and New York, pushed hard for American involvement as in a new world order of broken German lands being seized and all those Russian resources to be exploited, and it was New York Jewish thugs, who were financed and armed, not to fight Germany, but to seize Russia and murder the Russian monarchy to the last child.

Everyone lied to the Germans, as German Genocide was the focus of all of this. It is the reality which then had these Jewish communists running Germany for Wilson after the war, and this is the group which Adolf Hitler and his brown shirts were literally fighting in the streets to take Germany back from those who had partitioned and looted the fatherland.

So many millions of Germans, Slavs, Anglo Americans dead, and yet it is Hitler who is blamed for it all. Hitler never financed Jewish Marxists to invade Russia. Hitler never declared war on America in World War I or II. Hitler never signed a treaty to break up America and partition it.

As Hitler has been recorded as the worst creature in history, then why are the names of those who caused these wars against Germany, not recorded alongside of Adolf Hitler?

The reality is this is who gave rise to Adolf Hitler and World War II. It is the same foreign advent of Muslim invasion of Europe and dwelling now in Germany.

"Here now rises the curtain over the second act of Jewish treachery against Germany—this time unfortunately in Germany proper. This is the story: After the German army had driven the Russians out ofGermany and Austrian Galicia it drove them out of Russian Poland and Ukraine. The Jews, in Poland a major part of the population, became fearful of the traditional severe anti-Semitism in those parts, especially since the Germans had the plan to create a new Polish state at the end of the war with Russia.

A massive movement of Galician Jews, most of them being Austrian citizens, began their trek westward into Austria, mainly Vienna, whence they could freely enter Germany. A few thousands in the beginning swelled to hundreds of thousands towards and after the end of the war. Among the first arrivals there was a disproportionate amount of Communist agitators which wormed its way into Germany's Socialist movement, which already was dominated by Jewish intellectuals."

Under Two Flags by Heinz Weichardt

A traitorous corp of leftists in Germany, joining with the Vatican Catholics, infused with a massive number of foreigners, stoked with anarachists, and this is what lit the fuse for World War.

The warnings are clear in these massive population shifts of terrorists into America and the West.

Nuff said.