Friday, September 4, 2015

Lame Cherry Exclusive: Heavy Metal Poisons in GMO Crops


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So Mom had something to drop off at the neighbors and called them up and asked where they were. They were off dropping their kid at college about three hours away.
After some banter, he said, "The house is open, just drop it off in the fridge and if you don't have room, just take the sweet corn that is in there home with you."

What you don't live in a place where the houses are all open, and your neighbors tell you to go ahead and go through their house and take things out?

That is America I live in. The brier patch has had only the screen door protecting us this summer, and that tends to flap a bit open in a strong wind.

This is about the corn though, and not how America is supposed to be.

So we ate the corn, and I cringed eating it, as it was SH, sugar enhanced in that new genetic stuff, and my body always starts protesting as to it is not food.

It was delicious, but I noticed a few hours later that my mouth started tasting metallic.

You know what I mean if you ever changed battery cables in brushing off the oxidized lead, and it gets in the air, and your mouth, and sort of tingles as acid in your mouth contacting saliva does that....same metallic flavor as that corn gives me.

Is odd as that corn produces that effect. I know I have tasted that in drinking too much soda out of aluminum cans and when I did an esiac tea detox years ago.

It got me thinking just what is in that corn, that would in my intestines produce an effect like that in my mouth, as I highly doubt the corn was detoxifiying me that quickly or at all.

The proof being as soon as the corn left the area, the metallic taste left my mouth, and I stopped feeling light headed.

That then leaves the corn, that genetic manipulated frankenfood corn. So I decided to investigate the connection to this modern corn to heavy metals and found this test:

Analytical Methods of the Member Companies of the
Corn Refiners Association, Inc.
Heavy metals are here defined as those metallic imp
urities that are colored by
hydrogen sulfide under the conditions of this test.
Concentration is determined by
visual comparison with lead standards treated simil
arly. (Note 1). If there is color
interference the organic matter in the sample is fi
rst destroyed by ignition in the
presence of a small amount of sulfuric acid and the
residue is dissolved in dilute
The method applies to the determination of heavy m
etals in corn syrups, corn sugars,
refined sugars and syrup solids, including USP dextrose

So they would not be testing if there was not something there to test.

Then on the trail I came to the reality of all of this and it is the punch line in why I was tasting metal. Here is the answer:

A Report on the Plant Uptake of Metals from Fertilizers ...

Plant Uptake of Metals ... high levels of heavy metals were used in this study. ... includes estimating crop uptake of metals using Tc's.

That is the key in this and the warning is that heavy metals are in fertilizers and plants do take them up. I hypothesize that high production crops of the frankenfood genetic manipulation are sucking up more nutrients, and therefore concentrating higher levels of metals, whether it is iron in those types of soils or lead or aluminum.

This is why I would be tasting metals after eating these sugar enhanced crops, as just like all offspring, the toxins or metals would be concentrated more in the fruit than in the fiber of the stalk.

There is testing for this, and this is a Lame Cherry exclusive. I know what I am reacting to, and I know I am having a metallic taste in my mouth once this genetic engineered corn is in my small intestine and large intestine. That is all the evidence I need, as I am certain now these high production hybrids have no food value, but sugars instead, and packed in them are concentrations of heavy metals.

This is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter and it is certain. I did not have this problem in eating open pollinated corn, but I never use commercial fertilizer either on my crops as my animals are repulsed to petroleum based fertilizers as they can smell them on the crops grown.

I came across a report which was blaming Monsanto Round Up sprayed on wheat crops causing intestinal problems in people who consumed them, but this is something in addition to the genetic engineering and the algae genes in these modified crops..........GMO crops are concentrating heavy metals in their fats and sugars and this is poisoning all people and animals who eat them.

Nuff said