Sunday, September 20, 2015

Magic Math Polling


 Fiorina's magic math polling not good for the Hips

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I see by the NBC "poll" that we have now reached the era of TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME in which the magic math of Louis Farrakhan in his fixation on the evil of number 19 or something, in all things could be added up to be 19...........even the number 22, which the Obama regime picked up in it's magic out of the Super Depression math in 94 million people jobless (notice it is always unemployed as that is less harsh sounding) is a healthy economy.

This has now degraded to NBC polling in order to show that losers to Donald Trump in the GOP debate are..........well of course the winners when it is Jebcaver Carly Fiorina of the CIA in the magic math.

Here is the insane quote from NBC:

The Debate
When the candidates' negative performance percentages are subtracted from their positive percentages, Fiorina emerges the clear winner, with a positive 34, whereas Trump nets a positive 2 among Republican voters who watched or followed the debate coverage. Marco Rubio and Ben Carson also received positive reviews from Republican voters who followed the debate, with net scores of 8 and 5. Rand Paul fared poorly, scoring a negative 13.

I mean literally my God in  Heaven, we are not doing polling in which people win, but lose, because you can factor in new quotients to make the loser the winner.

Here let's give Jeb Bush the debate in this magic math.

Jeb Bush won the debate -10%
Who has the wife who looks most Mexican to be deported - Jeb Bush - +100%

Why look at that.......Jeb Bush won the debate with 90% of the vote.

Magic math is incredible!!!!!!!!!

Which person on stage is most likely to give birth?

Oh my this is close.........

Carly Fiorina 48%, Marco Rubio 27%, Rand Paul 100% or Chris Christie 110%.........sorry that one on Christie is donut pregnancy, but it all in the new polling of NBC Louis Farrakhan, Barack Hussein Obama magic math we got........Why that walking womb, Rand Paul menstrual's it in at a clear 87% victory over Carly Fiorina's magic math polling.

Hell that Donald Trump doesn't even get on the boards, as he has all those negatives, pro life, pro gun, pro Vet, pro jobs, pro American............can't have any of that.

I was supervised in the racism of the NBC magic math poll, beings it arose from blacks, in poor Ben Carson didn't win in becoming pregnant likelihood nor even in black.......I guess with his being black it was not black enough, but even image Obama came in behind Jeb Bush on the "who reminds you most of Eddie Murphy's BUHWHEAT from SNL.

It is good all of this has come to light, as what good are polls, when you can now factor in data which has nothing to do with who wins.......hell's bells, lets do the same for elections.........which person would you vote for who has family that was in the White House........who snorted the most dope, who sucks the most foreign pussy.........questions like that on the ballot average will surely give both Jeb and Hillary the clear leads.

So watch out Joe Biden, unless you can get that old womb to go fertile or pop out a few donuts, Hillary Clinton is bound to beat you in NBC magic math.

This is beyond ridiculous now in this electioneering in ways to try to brainwash voters that the Donald Trump who is winning, is really not winning in magic all those jobless people are really living in Obama utopia.

At least this is reason to use Carly Fiorina's big ass picture.

Are you people really this tard to fall for all of this.

Nuff said