Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Teflon Don


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am thankful for the New York Times in their published story from the Republican insiders, in the politicians, managers and billionaires, as it does explain something which has been puzzling me, as I did not inquire about this.

I was contemplating how the GOP was being clever for Jeb Bush in all which was constructed to steal the primary for him, as it had set forth for the past 8 years, leftists in McCain and Romney to be strawmen to be knocked down by Obama, so Jeb could be the 2016 nominee. That kind of deviousness moved to the conclusion that these people do have an understanding of the political movement of Donald Trump. This conclusion was incorrect.

Rush Limbaugh scripted for him insider information that the GOP thought all of you Republicans were just children having a tantrum in being abused and lied to again, and your protest was Donald Trump...and in time you would burn off your energy and put the leash back on, and obey like a good little dog to vote Bush, Boehner and GOP again, to be betrayed again.

I am going to inform all of you again, that the Tea Party was predicted to implode in 18 months and it did, due to sodomite upheaval of the leadership's children as in the GOP pro family group. This was an intelligence operation of flipping straights to queers, with chemical and electronic mind conditioning. The insiders knew the demise of the Tea Party would take place to the day, because that is how long the operation would require.

It was this quote about Donald Trump which moved me to conclude that the GOP elite are absolutely clueless as to what has taken place, and I can reveal here for the first time in a Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive, how Teflon Don pulled this off, and these zonktards are still biting on false information.

Republicans say the unpredictable Mr. Trump’s intentions are difficult to discern, speculating that he may not be willing to endure a monthslong delegate chase, and it remains unclear whether he has the organization to pull off any delegate wins.

I desire to background this with you will recall that all of this GOP construct was designed so Jeb Bush could with the elite be installed at the GOP convention on dictatorial terms. The GOP was to be Balkanized again, the Conservatives weeded off by Rand Paul as Ron Paul's job was for McCain and Romney, and Jeb Bush was to walk in and be crowned.
The GOP is now lamenting there are too many candidates.............they are the group who put all of these straw dogs into this show so Jeb would win........problem is with Donald Trump in the primary, the entire group is now so Balkanized the vote that those 20 points are what Jeb Bush needs now to stay in the running as his numbers have tanked.

I can tell you that Rush Limbaugh for Big Koch was talking up Common Core Ben Carson last week. The problem is Carson's blackness has peaked as he sounds like Louis Farrakhan and talks like Barack Obama in politics.
This leaves Carly Fiorina as the CIA associate employee, who has her own skirt ceiling problem, as there are  only so many furious psychotic women hating men, and only so many wiener boys who want to be spanked by a rich bitch in bed.

So this is the dilemma of the GOP elite. There is Hillary Bush tanking. The black guy has tanked. Carly is neurotic.......and Rubio sounds like Wally Cleaver at a pep rally. The elite have all of these precious nags on their track they think are winners, and all of them have hay bellies and can't make it around the track.

After that understanding look at the reality of Jeb Bush had that 24% ceiling, and is now at like 5% in rigged polls. Donald Trump is at 30% stated, and as his numbers are suppressed, he is in the 40's.
Notice though the GOP elite are lamenting that a front runner with 30% just might win the primary. Good God in Heaven, if Jeb Bush had 30 points now, they would be screaming for Donald Trump to quit as he would be dividing the race.
30 points at this point in the primaries, is what Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George I II would have given anything for, as it meant an absolute winner in the primary.

With that information examine that GOP quote in the Times. You notice what should be something oddly obsessed in repeating what we have been hearing all along, that Donald Trump has no staying power, Donald Trump would quit, Donald Trump was going 3rd party.......and now the GOP is saying, "Trump would not put in 30 days to get delegates".
That sounds as insane as it is. Donald Trump has been at this 5 months, and for some reason in the primary he is going to quit before he has the win?

DISCERN is the key word in this, as the GOP are informing you of something, and the Lame Cherry will translate what has been taking place.

We know from a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, that the GOP had a mole in the Trump campaign spying on him. I will not reveal who that mole was, but that person or persons are gone.

The GOP has been spying on Donald Trump, in more ways than one. That is criminal, as criminal as when Roger Ahles was spying and minding Sarah Palin as was exclusively reported here.

Donald Trump is not a novice to any of this. He is not someone who does not know the art of the deal in feeding false information to your competitors in order the throw them off their game.
Here it is: The source for the Donald Trump stories in those snarky CNN comments about Donald on the Border wearing an advertising cap, were COMING FROM DONALD TRUMP, feeding information to those spies.
Mr. Trump knew he was being watched illegally, and he started feeding information to the GOP elite and billionaires, about his being in this to promote his businesses, that he was not serious, that he was going to quit, that he was going 3rd party..........all of that intelligence which was coming from Donald Trump's own mouth was being heard by the GOP elite in illegal bugging.
The GOP elite, bit on this as hard as Dan Rather in those bogus military papers he got fired over in trying to smear George W. Bush. Rather knew the story was real, because the Bush people had fed him the very information from sources Rather would absolutely trust.

This is why these GOP elite are parroting these lines and sound absolutely insane all the time. They are political stooges and fag lip winos, who have never had to deal with the real cut throat business world in the art of the deal. They are being led around as sweetly as Bill Casey used to lead around Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush liberals.

The elite thought that they could smear Donald Trump out of existence, from ruining his media and fashion divisions, to the slander against him........each time though Donald Trump has kept on when the GOP kept hearing he would quit. Donald Trump is so far ahead of this game that the GOP is Dan Rather bone head in this, in still stuck on stupid. They are so suckered in believing the source, and stuck in their arrogance, that they can not conclude they have been played by a master deal maker who told these intellectuals EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED TO HEAR, as Donald Trump was running his primary campaign for victory in 2012.

Donald Trump has been honest. He is honest in reverse speech, and this man is someone in what he says is what you get. When Donald Trump is telling you the press are apologizing to him......what the Lame Cherry will translate to you in another matter anti matter exclusive is the press are bringing intelligence to Mr. Trump about the insider information from the GOP and DNC elite. The Rolling Stone event in ugly Carly Fiorina, only pointed out exactly what everyone knows and will not vote for.
As TL noted in real information, the Reagan Library Debate was an event where Fiorina bused in numbers of skirt cheerers to stack the deck.....same for Jeb Bush. That is why there was that cheering for them, just as it was in Ohio for Bush and Kasich.
Fiorina is perhaps the second most moronic candidate in the Jebcavers behind Jeb Bush. She first showed what a bitch she was in Tampon Kelly and then she cemented the idea of how damn ugly she is by not dropping the question.
It is like bringing up cancer.....all you think about is Carly Cancer and not ugly and all you think is Carly Fiorina is ugly no matter how much she is being a ball buster, being busted by Donald Trump.

I do not believe there is any harm which can come to the Donald Trump campaign in posting this exclusive in Lame Cherry matter anti matter, as the GOP elite have run their operations and they are collapsing. This was to be the big "smear Donald" month and what has resulted is Carson racism has failed, Fiorina sexism has failed and Bush energizer bunny has had it's batteries go flat line.

The point in this is simple. There has been criminal spying against Donald Trump by the GOP and DNC elite. That kind of information in the flow puts them on a leash, as much as their fag lipped billionaires who have been a part of this, and can be arrested by the FBI and spend the next 20 years in a real prison where they are being someone's Vaseline bitch as cash bribes are not enough.

I do not want you to conclude that this is over, as the New York Times has published another admonition from the GOP elite, as they keep confessing that there is to be a Final Four, but somehow with Donald Trump having an immense vote lead to win every primary state, and take all the delegates.....that somehow Mr. Trump is not going to win.

Some Republicans still wince when recalling how Pat Buchanan’s 1992 challenge to President George Bush resulted in his winning a prime-time speaking slot at the convention that renominated Mr. Bush.
“And that set the tone for the election,” Mr. Hohlt recalled of Mr. Buchanan’s fiery speech. “Do we end up again in one of those kinds of deals?”

Do you see from the above the GOP elite reality? They still think with overwhelming landslide victories by Mr. Trump, and winning all the delegates, that he is only going to be given a "prime time speech" as another Bush will be the nominee.

How can this be?

The Lame Cherry has done immense work on e voter fraud. It has been a massive problem since 2000 and every election since. Obama used this technology to flip 10 million GOP votes twice in stealing Presidential elections. It is how Romney flipped Newt Gingrich and silenced him, as much as the odd vote counts in Ohio.

It is why the GOP focuses on "party boss" support in the states. It is these election stooges who are being paid to flip the vote counts from Donald Trump to Jeb Bush in the Andrew Riera, vote gaming protocols. What the "story" will be, is Donald Trump will have his margins shaved and Jeb Bush will be declared the "winner as the come back kid" This will progress with media propaganda, and as the idiot voters do not have someone informing them as this blog, they will think Jeb is winning again, but it is all e vote fraud.

That is why the GOP elite are bitching now about "too many candidates", as they need those 20 points staged back to Jeb, to get him in striking distance of Donald Trump, so all of this fraud will be concealed.

As Captain Kirk mentioned to me a few weeks ago, things which we all are seeing, seem obvious once the Lame Cherry begins explaining what everyone is witnessing. I have been terrorized by Facebook, data mined, harassed, had intelligence disrupt my internet and various other sundry things, to make all of this a challenge, including the murder of a kitten I will not ever recover from.
My purpose is simple as it was stated from the beginning and that was to stop Jeb Bush in an Obama 3rd Term as much as 3rd Termer Clinton.
By making the above facts of what has been taking place, by pointing out the criminal spying against Donald Trump and the intended election theft of the Republican primary from Donald Trump, the intent is to make these criminal activities of the GOP elite and their fag billionaires so well known, that if their fail safe scenario takes place or any harm comes to Mr. Trump, that it will become too expensive to implement it, as even the military and police state will not protect either of these political minder sects.

There have been numerous people ruined and destroyed. Trillions of dollars have been invested in this over the decades to bring this to this point, and a blog that runs on Widow's Mite donations as the rich patriots are too much the traitors to fund someone doing all the work protecting the American corpse. It is why I have been having difficulties which have increased to stop what has been taking place here.

I do not state the following to offend, but to explain the reality. You are not Inspired nor intelligent nor gifted enough to think or plan things. That is best left to those who are dealing with this situation, while you are off looking at porn or reading a Bible. You are the mob and your purpose is to repeat things, be a pest to the cartel by repeating things, and give the elite the conclusion somehow that the mob is going to come over their walls and visit them. The elite have deemed you cowards which you are as you have proven. They are learning though that your temper tantrum has been misdiagnosed by your repeating things Donald Trump.

As I wrote, you must be the militant political class as people were after World War II to make the syndicate bribe you with some goodies of life. That is your role. You get exclusive information which most of you steal from here, and by repeating it, it appears throughout the media as it becomes an understanding, and even the elite start being my parrots, and start repeating, "If the cartel steals this election from Donald Trump, the Trump mob is going to burn them all down."

The elite criminal actions against Mr. Trump will give these fags pregnant pause as rich queers do not like prisons where their rectums will find broom handle occupancy.  Once they are paying attention to the mob, and are convinced you are going to drag them around like Obama had Khadaffi dragged around behind his Mercedes, a better deal will be worked out with Mr. Trump as President as Mr. Reagan negotiated.

I leave this stand alone at that. Know your place, all of you from the elite to mob, and do what is expected of you.

Donald Trump has artfully constructed this deal for decades. He is doing his part. I am moved by God to do mine. You do your part.