Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg Now Promotes Terrorism


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you have not heard of the jihadist teenager, who built a suicide bomb facsimile as a "science project", and was arrested by Police when this Islamic militant could not tell police what the hell it was......and it has now been called a "clock"...........

Sickly, image Obama is bringing this jihadist to the White House, and we now have this statement from Mark Zuckerberg.


Mind you now, Zuckerberg is supposed to be a Jew. Yes the Jews not for Jesus, but Jews for messiah Obama and spying on you for the NSA, but as these suicide bombers and militant Islamists are chanting the death to the Jewish is secular Obamist Mark Zuckerberg praising a Muslim bomb builder, who is part of a system murdering Americans, Christians, Jews and other Muslims not of their Marxist sect.

I post this for the reason, that when Revolutionary Courts are in operation, that this will be evidence against Mark Zuckerberg, so this traitor to America and this Judas Goat to his Jewish identity, will be tried, convicted and sentenced to face the same end as all criminals involved in crimes against humanity.

At least I hope that Ahmed Muhammed takes Zuckerberg up on the invite, along with all of Ahmed's other suicide bombers to place their science projects at Facebook.