Friday, September 18, 2015

The Stuff that Little Bush's are Made of

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This is the stuff that little Bush's are made of.

The reality is, the Bush family arose from the migrant ashes of the robber barons. For those who do not comprehend this age, consider it the time that the European Aristocracy embarked upon the phase, by it's financiers to put chains upon Americans again after the Revolution of 1776 AD in the year of our Lord, and their mechanism was financiers of the Ashkenaz Asian Rothschild family of inbreds.

Their tool was instigating the America Civil War so as to make America a debtor nation to the financiers. The war created a capitalist class who became the Indian Ring, who mass assassinated George Custer and his command.

It became more incestuous to create the German Genocide where American robber barons were promised fortunes for providing resources and military dead to remove Germany as a competitor, all in the realm of the massive bribe of the European finance houses pouring their money into America to create the Federal Reserve.

There were in those days, and a generation later, less than ten rich people in America who were millionaires. For those who find this difficult to believe, up until the mid 1960's, children used to recite in school who the few multi millionaires there were in America.

The foremost being John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Mellon, JP Morgan and Andrew Carnegie. Most people are unaware that John Rockefeller had a successful brother named Frank, who manufactured railroad parts, as rail was the goldmine in America.
This is where the Bush family enters the cartel picture, as it was the son of an east coast minister, named Samuel Bush, who would work his way up in Midwestern rail, to return to Ohio and manage the Frank Rockefeller railroad manufacturing company of Buckeye Steel Castings Company.
He would become one of the top industrialists in America and hold rule over Buckeye Steel for 19 years. In World War I, he was placed by the Wilson regime over the small arms munitions manufacture in America.

At Buckeye, he came into contact with E. H. Harriman, the railroad magnet. Harriman controlled basically everything in a transportation swath from Georgia to the Pacific.
This was the connection of the Harriman and Bush families.

To Samuel Bush was born a son, Prescott Bush, who gelled the Bush dynasty. After serving in World War I as an artillery officer, Prescott returned to America and worked in several vocations, to become manager of the foreign division of United States Rubber Company, before his finances allowed him to become partner in the new banking concern, Brown Brothers Harriman Company.
Bush's close friend was W. Averell Harriman, a democratic power broker.

During World War II, Prescott would be one of several directors of Union Banking Company, and oversee several shell companies which were involved with German magnet, Fritz Thyssen.
It became such a concern that the United States Government seized the company on information that the bank was holding Nazi leadership gold. While none was found, rumors persisted and while Prescott was "cleared" of being a Nazi sympathizer, the fact is he was overseeing the interests of a German magnet in a nation which was at war with America in pure treachery.

In what seems bizarre in millions of Americans dying in two world wars, but during the second world war, Prescott was backing American population reduction. He was involved in 1942 in the American Birth Control League and was treasurer of Planned Parenthood in 1947. Yes the Margaret Sanger "Nazi" eugenics group, is what Prescott Bush was promoting, and as it filted down George H. W. Bush was so obsessed with this that he drew the nickname "Condoms" while serving in government.

Prescott Bush was a promoter of the Peace Corps, another leftist group, and in an interesting world, Prescott Bush was part of the effort to destroy Sen. Joseph McCarthy in rooting communists out of America. An effort which Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev stated set back the Russian communist overthrow of America by two decades.

I place this Bush history here, so you understand the environment which created George H. W. Bush and the golden boy, Jeb Bush, who was presented at Bohemian Grove to be a President, in this group was founding on exploiting Americans, betraying Americans, trading with the enemy and then implementing some of thee most anti American genocide ever instigated in sexualizing American women and butchering America babies.

What was once a moral Minister Bush in the 1840s, became a capitalist Samuel Bush, who brought forth a Prescott Bush who became a carnivore capitalist who became an asset to international communism and nazism.

It explains the world of Jeb Bush in trashing Conservatives, exploiting illegals for profit, conditioning children in Common Core, and stating how people on the right had to be more like Obama and why Jeb Bush hates Donald Trump.
Make more sense in why the Mexican wife is a criminal, the elder son is a stalker, the daughter is three time dope loser and the youngest son is a cop beater.

That is the stuff that little Bush's are made of.

Prescott Bush

James Smith Bush

Samuel Bush