Monday, September 28, 2015

More than Fukushima

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Yesterday a clerk in a store was telling me about global warming. That in SUMMER ships were cutting through polar ice just like ice cutters, and that ozone now was so dense, that it was trapping in all the sun's heat.
Never mind that we all got our freon stolen from us as all that aerosol spray was eating ozone (which it was not as what blew a hole in the ozone was a volcano) and now we are being robbed over that cartel scheme.

So any way, as that reason was insane as all this mad science.

I am going to preface this, that people who care about the environment are in the majority good natured and well meaning. As a hunter, trapper, fisherman, gardener, livestock producer and someone who is a naturalist, I conserve the environment here as best I can, from moving snakes off the road to wooly bears.

I observe trends, as the coverage on a site like Jeff Rense, as the feature is the Fukashima tidal wave and reactor burn down. There are many people who focus upon the nuclear radiation and blame it for all the woes in the American northwest, and the oceans dying.

Our oceans are over fished, are toilets for emerging economies and dump grounds. That is what is the problem with ocean die off. I want you to consider something, if you had one drop of cyanide, and put it into a fire truck 10,000 gallon water tank, would that be enough to makes it toxic?
The answer for those pondering such things, the answer is NO, NO, NO.

What happened to Japan, from the tidal wave to the reactor burning down, is a drop in the ocean water as the Pacific is immense. I am not stating that Fukashima and all the refuse which was swept from a toxic city, did not poison part of the ocean, and that includes areas around Japan or hot spots in the tidal sweep. What I am stating is that blaming Fukashima on what is taking place is not correct.

I want to return you to another farce from the 1970's in "acid rain". We were all manipulated in these now huge energy prices spiked by Obama, that coal factories were spewing chemicals like sulfur, into the atmosphere, where it mixed with water and became acid rain.
Hell we all saw the pictures and it was all bull. As soon as the price gouging took place, no one hears a thing about acid rain again.

What I want to point out in this is a progression not on acid rain lies, but on there are such things as fall out from nuclear bombs, which create hot spots of radiation when rain takes place.

All of you too often, just run around like Christians with your heads cut off by Muslims. (That resonates in your mind as it is different from chickens with their heads cut off and you shut down listening.) You never run a search engine, and you never are Inspired by the Holy Ghost as you do not have Him in you, or you are too busy denying God's Guidance.

I have been pondering the stories which Jeff Rense was featuring. They are real. I knew though that something more was going on than Fukashima killing things and endangering living things. That is when the Holy Ghost popped an idea into my mind that perhaps something else could be even more radioactive in nature than Fukashima.
I will explain this, in if you live in the upper Mississippi region, AKA Minnesota, that entire area is filled with granite.
You know what granite is, it is that pretty slab rock which Mount Rushmore is carved out of as well as things in big boulders in New York. Granite though has a danger in it, and it vaporizes into the soil constantly producing a gas called Radon, which is radioactive. There was a bit scare about this in cellars in those areas without ventilation were becoming toxic in radioactive gases after a winter of being sealed up.
Houses being sealed for weatherization, were trapping all this radioactive gases, and this was a problem.

I am not going to delay the punchline in this, but it is a fact that coal produces radiation when it is burned, and all that vapor goes into the atmosphere.
You have seen how China and India look in all the pollution. There are billions of tons of this in the "air" in Asia. Where do you think this goes? It moves just like the 1960's Chinese nuclear bomb tests and falls on America.

Radioactive Elements in Coal and Fly Ash, USGS Factsheet 163-97

Abundance of Radioactive Elements in Coal ... Assessment of the radiation exposure from coal burning is ... The radiation hazard from airborne emissions of ...

All that pollution is being concentrated and falling in the ocean and on the American northwest where Jeff Rense resides. Smokestack vapors which are not harmful in correct quantities as it dispenses it high into the atmosphere to be dissipated, are still in areas like China concentrated poisons. For those who remember the rust belt of Ohio and Pennsylvania, of the American industrial heartland in the pollution there, China has been pumping out at least fifty times that one area in America.
The Ohio Valley so polluted Lake Erie that in the 1960's it was deemed dead, a toxic zone of no life. God's nature has restored it, a science said it was forever dead, but once the wholesale sewer dumps  ceased, Erie started coming back and in 10 years it was alive again. The floor has been covered up by silt in the toxic waste, but that poison is still there in a layer.

Lake Erie is not the Pacific, but when one has industrial giants of China, Japan, South Korea and India pumping all that poison into the ocean, that is not Fukashima, but this cartel exploitation of Asian slave labor which has bankrupted America.

Put 100 Lake Eries with 100 times the concentrations as this is not horse and buggy industrialization, but modern exploitation, and it begins to make sense what is the cause of the pollution and blue pigs in California. ALL of the poisonous things your EPA is banning in America, are being produced in foreign countries.
I will repeat that gem, in so many of your get your fruit and meat from foreign ports. ALL of those nations do not have the EPA. In Mexico human shit is used to fertilize your spinach. That is why there is that constant food poisoning scare and people dying. The decks were stacked against American producers to make things "healthy", but all that did is drive small farmers out of existence for Big Farm by Monsanto, which feeds poison to by the things you eat which eat that poison.
America does not grow "food", America grows bi products which are distilled and fed to food, and it all gets sucked up into your chicken or your cabbage.

The problem in this world is not Fukashima Japan alone. Fukashima is a drop in a tanker. It is the billions of tons of industrial wastes which are natural bi products of the things you are using to make your life better.

Granted there is propaganda in the cartel headlines about coal being more radioactive than nuclear fuel which is concentrated, but enough coal soot pumped into the atmosphere in China building weapons to blow you up, is a radioactive threat.

This is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, and I suspect in a few months it will be the same as when this writer began exposing global warming being solar generated and not manmade, in all will then be the always experts and forget who they heard it from again.

The world must start nurseries and hatcheries inside the ocean, which are off limits to commercial fishing, and manage their net takes, and fine wanton waste. There are enough regulations, they simply have to be enforced, and that includes the same USDA and EPA protections on food and products from Asia or Latin America, which are poisons poured into America, both sold and coming out of toxic clouds.

You have to progress in what you are being indoctrinated with. Why is Japan being used as a cover, instead of the real culprits being blamed? You know why this is, as it is the cartel exploiting and killing off Americans and food supply.
I have now informed you to the facts.

Now you know, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.