Monday, September 28, 2015

Trump Tax Reformation


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not going to be like that bushtard Rush Limbaugh in hedging about Donald Trump, to prove he has no political power in not being prepared to address the Trump Tax Plan, or to hedge like Homo Hannity, in promoting the plan while still not coming out in favor of Donald Trump.

The Lame Cherry on the Donald Trump Tax Reformation, now endorses this candidate for President, as this is a real plan, and sincerely builds upon the Ronald Reagan income tax restructuring, the Bill Clinton taxation of tax shifting to the billionaires, and the George W. Bush tax breaks for working Americans.

The first issue I will to address is the one that matters. If you are single and are earning below poverty in 25,000 dollars, you pay absolutely no taxes. If you are married and earning below 50,000 dollars, you pay no taxes under the Trump Tax Reformation.

I want you to comprehend this, that most of you reading this are not going to owe any federal income taxes when Donald Trump is President. That is 75 million households not going to be sweating April 15th or the IRS breathing down your necks.

Ronald Reagan in his second wave of tax restructuring focused upon the oil companies who were not paying any taxes, exactly like GE paid no taxes under Obama, and exactly as these billionaire fag hedge fund robbers pay no taxes, but were all set up to be paid money, so that money would flow into Obama, Clinton and Bush campaign coffers.
Donald Trump goes after these robber barons of the elite, and that is where the money begins to flow back to the IRS, as these scoundrels just sit on billions of dollars, and invest in nothing to provide you a good job, but expect to import Mexican slave labor they can exploit.

For the record in this, Donald Trump is going to spike his taxes. He is going to pay more, but you are not going to be paying more.

Mr. Trump has four tax brackets in graduated taxes.

Zero Percent
Ten Percent
Twenty Percent
Twenty Five Percent

The data is simple, if you earn over 25,000 dollars, you will owe 10 percent or 2500  dollars, which is about 750 to 2500 dollars less than what you are being gouged by Obama.
Over 50,000 it is 20 percent rate, and over 150,000 it is 25%, for singles. Simply double those numbers for married couples, and you begin to see that every working person in America is going to get a tax cut, except the uber billionaires.

The people taxed 10% will get to keep all their reductions, but with these rates running less than what people are now being gouged in the higher brackets, most of the complicated deductions are gone.

The point being, that you will probably be able to fill out your taxes, even if you have to, on a card, and mail the check and never have to hear from the IRS or tax preparers ever again.

Mr. Trump does lower rates on capital gains which is important, as there are numbers of people stuck in the stock market or other investments who would be killed on the taxes. Freeing this money up, as Ronald Reagan was attempting will release trillions into the economy in new forms of investment stimulus, not from Obama regimes, but from the wealthy people.
The same factor is Mr. Trump allows all of these conglomerates who have money outside America, to bring it back into the United States where it can be utilized to produce expansion, as America's business will again be doing business and not structuring welfare queens.

The Trump Tax Reformation also eliminates the Death Tax which penalizes families at the worst possible time. A family gaining an inheritance is much more better at going on a spending spree for goods and services, than a regime dumping it into Mexican slave labor welfare.

After the betrayal of Scott Walker, I was in this defending Mr. Trump as I did not like his being politically assassinated. I am not going to hedge this in, "Well I don't agree with everything Donald Trump says", as this is the Lame Cherry statement:

"The Lame Cherry does not agree with most of what Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are saying, and does not agree with everything Jeb Bush and these other GOP frauds are hiding from the public. I am not electing Jesus to 1600 Penn Avenue or looking for a parent to decide things for me. That produces an adult in this 2016 race who is Donald Trump, which I completely agree with on the Three Reagan Bedrock Issues.

The Security of America. Reagan's focus was the Soviet Union, Trumps is the Mexican invasion.

A strong military.  Reagan's focus was the Soviet Union, Trumps focus is strength so America is not attacked.

The American economy. Reagan's focus was on tax reformation, energy production, fair trade and not free trade, all to make working Americans wealthy again, and that is Trump's focus exactly.

That is why the Lame Cherry endorses Donald Trump, and it is based all in his detailed tax plan to get Americans out of Obama Bush tax hell."

- Lame Cherry

The issue of focus in this is as this began, keeping Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush out of the White House. The issue is now that Donald Trump has put forward policy papers which are sound, proven and will provide for the resurrection of America.

I do not want someone in the White House who has problems following email laws. I do not want someone in the White House who tells me I have to work 80 hours a week to have money again. I do want someone in the White House who tells me he is going to do all the work in making the work that I am already doing, is going to prosper me.

That is the quote I desire each of you to remember as that is what this election is about and is the Donald Trump campaign in a nut shell.

"Donald Trump is going to work for Americans to make certain that the work they already are doing, is going to make them prosperous. That is not the change, but the currency I believe in."

- Lame Cherry

You children and brats though have got to work your asses off to get Mr. Trump safely into 1600 Penn Avenue and keep him there, as all of these richtard do not want to lose their Mexican slaves, their Chinese exploitation and Wall Street bribes from the regime.
Now get off your asses, cement your feet on the ground you stand, and be American until January 2017 to begin the Trump Presidency, and you will take your life back.