Monday, September 7, 2015

Phase 3 Assassination of Donald Trump

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The subject of this White Paper is the culmination of the political assassination of Donald Trump in the next phase.

We have witnessed the outrageous assaults begun by NBC, NASCAR, Macy's  etc... in divesting Mr. Trump of hundreds of millions of dollars.
This then degraded to CIA Anderson Cooper on the border bashing with the New York Times.

Then there was calling Mr. Trump a wife rapist.

Then there was Erik Erikson of Red State and Matt Walsh the Blaze in Glenn Beck flaming on Donald Trump in censoring him and smearing him.
Beck resorted to calling Mrs. Trump a porn star.

The next phase was the FOX phase in which Megyn Kelly and her 3 1/2 testicles went into smear mode against Donald Trump for Jeb Bush and his conduits, which included Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul.

Then there was German blue eyed Jorge Ramos trying to become a martyr in smearing Donald Trump.

Now we are in the gotcha phase of Mika Brzezinski and Morning Joe, joining with Hugh Hewitt, in chiseling at Mr. Trump's base over religious rights and playing "Name that Turban" which requires a security clearance in numbers of cases to know who these Obama terrorists are which the regime has been conducting business with.
Coupled with there are now marching orders to get violent with Donald Trump's staff in order to initiate a violent confrontation.

I focus on this point, as the cartel repeats process. It is out of arrogance, but this group of Tavistock and Stanford trolls, repeat what made the sheep react last time. That is why the surprise on Jeb Bush's  face and his fury, was in evidence as he ranted against Mr. Trump, as none of the smears were working.
Jeb has a part cast in this, in which he is too appear "presidential". "Presidential" to Jeb Bush seems to be trying to be a statue and so boring that even pigeons will not shit on you as they are attracted to more animated rocks.
Even image Obama is more interesting in being man whore in he swings between being Bill and Hillary Clinton in his uppity Nigger mode. The problem is though that the Asian lipped and colored Obama just has no idea how to be black cool. He just looks like the person the pigeons crap on.

We know that the cartel has shown it's hand. It did it already in the Tea Party and the two Boston boys who were thumping some illegal for sport. It is guilt by association with extremists, trying to find dividing issues with the base, and in pondering this, as Hugh Hewitt stupidly double downed after his failed "gotcha" of Mr. Trump, he blurted out he was going to ask more questions at the next debate or as they should be termed, Draw and Quarter Donald Trump.

I believe in the GOP elite files there is already this high drama question already coordinated with Hugh Hewitt as his dagger point. It will go something like this and is based on the infamous nuke question which Bernard Shaw opened with against Michael Dukakis winning the victory for George H. W. Bush.
Oh you think that the CIA Mockingbird would not use a black man against a white liberal in order to install George H. W. Bush to the White House? Oh it happened and here is the review of what Hugh Hewitt has planned for him.

Mr. Trump, you disregard the emotions of millions of immigrants and their children in demanding to deport all of them, but Mr. Trump, what if it was your daughter Ivanka who had fallen in love with an immigrant who was just searching for a better life a few years ago, gotten married, and given you several grandchildren as he worked for you, Mr. Trump, would you relegate your own grandchildren to being deported and put your own daughter though the kind of anguish which you are demanding millions of immigrants be put through?

Did I not tell you that I know what I am doing and know what is in the ledgers? This is the Bernard Shaw moment to destroy a presidential career?

CNN's Bernard Shaw destroys Michael Dukakis in 1988 ...


CNN Transcript - Reliable Sources: `National Enquirer' Gets ...

Reliable Sources `National Enquirer ... along with Bernard Kalb. Well, ... 1988, to Michael Dukakis, how would he would react if his wife was raped and murdered.
It was not the unseen Willie Horton ads which brought down Michael Dukakis, but it was CIA asset for George H. W. Bush who destroyed Governor Dukakis before America for Vice President Bush.

I place this reality before you, and the historical proofs of how this all works and has patterns. I do this in the hope that the exposure will neutralize this phase. Hewitt is typical of the arrogant intellectual who has a career handed to them and talking points assembled, that when their moment in the spot light occurs

This blog has extinguished all of the attacks at this juncture by turning on the hydrant of Truth and enough people dousing the inferno to keep Mr. Trump viable. It is a point though that I am too effective in being censored on Facebook as others  have been, and as I type this, this morning, I had no internet, the internet reads as high speed, but is loading at dial up speeds and the blogger program, I have literally loaded it three times, but the tool bars are not there.

The response of Mr. Trump should be:

The elite who have robbed and criminalized Americans with their own laws, have gotten by businesses cancelled costing me hundreds of millions of dollars. They have tried to use my children's mother against me, and Ivana endorsed me. Glenn Beck charged some disgusting things about my wife. I have been censored by Erik Erikson, smeared by Megyn Kelly, the press has reported things I never said, I have had my press conferences disrupted by activists from Univision and my staff threatened in this continuing series of assaults, which is now again with you Mr. Hewitt, in gotcha questions of terrorists this regime has not dealt with in the Mideast and with now your using my own children and grandchildren as a weapon against me in this political assassination. I would say you should be ashamed of yourself Mr. Hewitt, but you and the rest of your group have no shame.
I will answer your damned if I do and damned if I don't question as you will not win Mr. Hewitt. This movement is bigger than you or myself to take America back. I answer your hypothetical questions of what if's with the Donald Trump I have proven to be.  I would obey the laws of America, gain legal representation for my family, provide for them in their nativity, and legally complete the process of legal immigration, no matter how long it would require, and then do all I could as President to keep people like you from using children as battering rams in political fights to destroy their Grandfather who is trying to save America.

No charge Mr. Trump as Americans are all in this together.

Sappers in the wire.