Monday, September 7, 2015

Dark Side of the Moon


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The moon bothers me. No not the God part that it is too big to have been pulled into earth orbit, so it had to be set there, but the moon bothers me in why is it that the dark side of the moon has not as many meteorite impacts compared to the bright side of the moon.

See what I mean? Those are some big honking craters there.

Thing is there is a problem in this is the protected side or the side which faces the earth and it gets blasted, while the back side which is where meteors should be drawn to, incoming to earth is not as hit.

It is odd that all these meteors bounced off the earth atmosphere and then whacked the moon. Laws of probability defy that.

What is interesting though is meteors do not play well with space. Meaning their trajectories are not on a plain which is level, but they come in from all trajectories.

Odd is it not, that there are no glancing blows at the moon. No deep furrows gashing things and meteors continuing on after all these years?

Nice just asking questions and being like all of you never having the answers that this blog always provides through Inspiration.