Sunday, September 13, 2015

Race, Creed or Color

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The city of Escondido California, this past week fired blogger John Friend, not for espousing his rhetoric on the job, not for doing a bad job, but because John Friend exercises his Constitutional right in the First Amendment to think and speak, the same things that Al Sharpton gets paid millions of dollars to blurt out or the same things that Jeb Bush blurts out about Asian babies being a problem in America.

The problem is though John Friend does not target Asian babies nor does John Friend incite black riots burning down Ferguson Missouri. John Friend instead reads the actual historical writings of people from Thomas Jefferson to Adolf Hitler, and then forms his views on them and on his world view.

That is all protected in the US Constitution and California Law, but not for John Friend, because he is white and is in grouping of people called White Supremacists. Obama Black Supremacy and intimidation is legal, but a White person minding his own business at work is fired.

People in America are supposed to not be discriminated against for Race, Creed or Color. John Friend was just fired for being a Caucasian, believing real history and for being White.

John Friend believes that the Israeli government carried out 9 11. I personally know it was bigger than the Jewish government and have written as much accurately. John Friend also believes that the holocaust did not happen in the way it is written. I personally know it was not death camps, but work camps, and that the numbers of lower class Jews who were sold by Ashkenaz elite to labor camps for the Nazi's were not sent there to be exterminated, but to be work for the German victory.

I personally am being censored by Mark Zuckerberg and his geektards, which is an outreach of the Obama Homeland. It is criminal. It is terrorism. It is stalking and it is against United States and International Law. The people with the guns though are right.
I could focus incorrectly that Mark Zuckerberg is of Jewry, but that is like saying Jeremiah Wright or the Pater Pope is of Christianity. All that would do is play into exactly what the Ashkenaz elite have always set this up to be, in bash a bunch of Jews around, make them the victims, hide behind them as Jews, and then go enslave the world, exactly as General William Tecumseh Sherman booted Ashkenaz carpetbaggers out of the South after the Civil War.

I know for certain that most of the White Supremacist movement is led by police state minders and inciters. We know this as the BATF bragged after the Hutatree set up, that they had infiltrators in every group in America. The minder who caused the Hutatree event was the person who was saying the things Hutatree was blamed for.
A Federal Judge looked at the evidence and dropped all the charges. It was Obama smoke and mirrors just like Rod Blagojevich's lynching.

Where is the line in this though of censorship, repression and terrorism? John Friend did absolutely nothing wrong. In fact, John Friend espoused the exact same things which Henry Ford did. John Friend espoused a great deal of what American Hero Charles Lindbergh did in not finding the Germans worthy of war or genocide. For this, Henry Ford has been destroyed and Charles Lindbergh has been vanquished.

The elite paint these Orwellian Boxes, which are a maze with only one way out, where the set all of this up, that those who express the Truth, have slurs attached to them. It is why Obama tried the race card non stop, and it did work on the Mockingbird elite, but failed on the bloggers because our niche was just to expand the field.

While all of you are being distracted by the attempt at Donald Trump being censored. You are missing that there is censorship going on in America, in Americans are being harassed and fired by the Obama elite, for simply believing something based on historical documentation.

TL mentioned today that one of my readers was surprised that I really was a target of the regime. It was like, "What do you think I have been writing about for years?" Who do you think was hacking my Yahoo accounts, trying to get this blog shut down, and now has this blog off of Facebook?
Why do you think this blog gets quoted all the time in my articles are used, and then in the synthesis of it all, it appears in Drudge outlets as exclusives? I am not on the payroll of Mockingbird, but the elite have to produce the features of this blog with a slight tilt, so that this blog does not gain that commercial audience.

That is why this blog is close to being shut down and parts of it are disappearing, because by God's Grace it is becoming too effective in neutralizing the trillions of dollars invested to make all of you dumb as posts. Regrettably most of you are, and this economic implosion is only proving what rats you are in not one rich person has made the big donation. You still operate under the fallacy that you are safe.

I have to go keep the chickens safe at this juncture, but what was done to John Friend is the same protocol which has always been conducted. You don't get it yet, so I will explain......
Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, Waco..........operations intended to intimidate future Donald Trump voters as you remember those people were all.........militia, white supremacist and religious fringe............then you had Hutatree, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin.......all to intimidate the Tea Party from finding a Trump...........and now the selective censorship of Ann Barnhardt and others talking from the fringe.
The cartel has noted that the little lights shining the darkness are gathering fuel  for a real fire in the forest, and these writers in various groups must be shut down. This is all due to Donald Trump, whether the writers are supporters of his or not. They are fueling a revolution and it has the elite concerned. This political militant which I have written of, is going to require one hundred million dead to exterminate them if this does not have the damper put on it.

America has become a feudal colony exactly as 1770. I have told you that I am a Continetalist, and that is a person without a nation and awaiting a revolution. If I disappear, it is something which all of you have missed..........there is a crackdown begun in America and those being targeted are chosen by design for intimidation, so all of you will go cower under your piles of money.

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