Sunday, September 13, 2015

Shockiness of Shockingly

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


If it is a shock CBS news poll that Bernie Sanders tops Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by 22 points...........

Is it not even more shocking that Donald Trump is topping most of the GOP by 30 points, Jeb Bush by 25 points and the Porch Negro Ben Carson by over a dozen a combined field arrayed against Mr. Trump.........Donald Trump is beating all............

Including Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden......and yes the sodomist doper engelist (People pay more attention when you put in that instead of Marxist)



Rock Star Greeting in Iowa...

Thing is Donald Trump is bigger than all the arena performers......his stadium meetings are all booked and he like the second coming of the Beatles to America.

I digress, but would it not suck in being Engles? You know Marx and Engles....he was just a big of butcher of humanity, and it is Marxist and not Engelist. Always the way it goes, Lenin gets all the credit and no one cares about Trotski and only remembers Molotov as he made fiery drinks which quenched the waters of libety wherever they appeared.

Sort of like being Jeb Bush, as the guy remembered for all the Bush's and no one remembers Pop Prez or Bro Prez. I really think George W., the man in the Bush family needs to have a talk with Jeb to .........well tell him the game is lost and to just go to the place people go who marry midgets and raise deviant know like a Kennedy compound.
I heard Jeb is building one in Maine. Someone started a rumor he has midget car track there........but I don't know as I started that rumor and the press laughed and laughed.

I digress.

The shocking polling is that Donald Trump is not featured more often in the way he kicks sand, and pounds sand on all these 98 pound weaklings.........he got the hot chick in the bikini, the kid with the sand castle, and the entire who wants to look at the puny politicians with crabs in their crotches.

The Lame Cherry now leaves you with the gorgeous wife of very handsome Donald Trump, Melania.


You do realize you could pile up every babe that John Kennedy adulterated with and Bill Clinton lusted after who was not a beefer, and anything else centerfold, and the entire entourage could not match Melania Trump, the next First Lady of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Americans have forgot what it is like to have handsome Presidents and gorgeous First Ladies, who beat the bajesus out of everything across the globe. Makes one proud to be an American again.

Nuff said