Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Republicide: Death by Jeb Bush (THE STORY)




As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It seems the Jeb Walker Wisconsin Cheesehead has become the first of the culls which the New York Times stated the GOP elite desired, in thinning the herd, so Jeb Bush could through vote fraud steal the primary from Donald Trump.

The Washington Post is not going to tell you the reason why Scott Walker tanked, but it was after this blog withdrew support for Walker, that he went down the toilet flush. Thee entire issue of Scott Walker hinged on two issues:

Issue 1, Scott Walker was the anti Bush candidate.

Issue 2, Scott Walker was the undo Obama candidate.

The minute that Scott Walker signed onto Obamatrade and betrayed America, is the moment that Scott Walker's days were numbered. The Lame Cherry withdrew support, and it was at that moment that Donald Trump swept in as the American candidate.
In Donald Trump, he was the anti Bush candidate and the undo Obama candidate.

This was the surge Donald Trump started with. Walker's numbers tanked, and as Mr. Trump proved he was the real Tea Party candidate, Walker went into oblivion and Mr. Trump soared.

That is why it is pathetic in this treacherous Scott Walker is now pleading as a wimp factor to stop Donald Trump. Walker is signing over Wisconsin energy production to the Koch brothers at fire sale prices it has been reported, Walker is the mirror image of Jeb Bush's Florida debt catastrophe in making bond debt a situation where children are now enslaved for billions of dollars in paying off that clever book keeping.

Scott Walker had his opportunity, but proved he was not an American, for when this blog covered his cheesehead in the political assassination Mark Belling employed on the Rush Limbaugh program, the Walker response was to run off and hide.
One little beaner family and Walker went up like a taco fart to offend all those around him, and disappear as Americans hoped to be rid of another RHINO GOP stench.

It even gets worse as Rick Santorum, the Pope Boy, has weighed in as a lightweight in sending out his dufus minder to say that Donald Trump has stolen something from every political candidate............naming Walker on immigration who as stated ran away from being hardliner and then in some strange math of no evidence in showing anything that Trump stole from this field of frauds.

Each of these GOP bush babies has stolen defeat from the jaw of victory as not one of them appealed to the Republican base and did their worst to betray it every billionaire donation they could.

Thankfully Rick Perry and now Scott Walker are gone. I hope the rip current starts sucking down the worst frauds in Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush.
As this blog stated in assessment, there were a number of these Jebcavers on life support and Walker was one. The point in this is simple, Vatican Boy Rick Santorum is something no one wants. The GOP elite and billionaires are now in evidence bribing these DOA's to get out of the race.......after they bribed these whiners to get into the race.

I desire each of you to get this FACT.

Billionaire brainiac fags constructed this Balkanized GOP all so Jeb Bush could get practice election theft by so fracturing the GOP that there was a Negroid, a Vulva, a Dirty Indian, a Fat White Guy, a Preacher, a Doper Paul, a Cheesehead, a Texan, a Taco, a Rubio beans and rice, a New Yorker......and you get the idea, in all of these people were approached and paid to run, all to make Jeb the nominee as Jeb could never win anything on his own.

Now that this strategy has been vaporized by the Thermobaric Bomb which is Donald Trump sucking the life out of this group of GOP frauds, the billionaire fags are now bribing these Jebcavers to get out of the race.
You know damn well that Scott Walker is told he gets some Koch office or is promised to be Sec of Ag under Bush for getting out. We were told in the Times that this was going to be FOUR CANDIDATES, and that is what this is coming to.

Logic dictates that it is going to be the Negroid, the Skirtoid and the Big Toid named Jeb Bush, all lined up against Donald  Trump. I told you the polling is going to show that Jeb is the comeback kid in this con, and that those 20 points are all going to go to Bush.
I mean for brain sakes you people...........Ben Carson is Herman Caine's PAC stooge. Fiorina is a CIA stooge of the New World Order.




The picture is worth the 1000 words my children.

Report: Jeb Bush will attend Herman Cain private retreat ...

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a top Republican prospect for the 2016 presidential race, will attend a private retreat next month for Republican leaders hosted by ...



Are you starting to see an odd pattern here of it is not Mitt Romney pulling the strings, but Herman Caine is the point man in this billionaire dictatorship of the GOP?



Herman Cain, David Koch, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan & the ...

Herman Cain's smoking campaign manager, Mark Block, was the Koch Brothers' man in Wisconsin until two days before Governor Scott Walker's inauguration.

These are the operatives engaged in all of this as the patterns begin to expose who is running these operations to enslave all of you by getting Donald Trump.


There is Republicide now being engaged by the elite to thin out the GOP primary stooges, for Jeb Bush to steal this election. It is a matter though of how these brilliant billionaires worked this scheme, now have to rework this scheme of electioneering.........because one billionaire in Donald Trump beat these fags at their own new world order game.


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