Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Obama Pedophile Mandate


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Do you recall when Barack Hussein Obama Chin declared he had won Iraq and then announced that he was pulling American security out, as Iraq was stabilized?

Do you recall when Obama ally, was induced by Obama benefactor, George Soros to turn all the al Qaeda terrorists loose, who Obama then had the US Navy fly air cover for, to murder Col. Khadaffi, and later Chris Steven and other Americans at Benghazi, as ANALGATE blossomed to Libyan weapons flowing to Syria and other places?

Do you recall that ISIS, IS or ISIL was a fighting group of terrorists armed by the Obama regime and trained in Jordan, and unleashed on Syria.........and sort of ended up in Obama declared victory in Iraq, erupting an ethnic and religious genocide in both nations?

So now in recalling all of that, there is a simple reality since 2014 AD in the year of our Lord, of what women and children are suffering in Mosul under the Obama patronage.

ISIS is composed of the same terrorists who are fighting in Libya, in Somalia, in Syria, in Afghanistan, in Nigeria, and elsewhere. The names of the organizations may vary, but their terrorism is one and the same.
Ayad Jamal Al-din: Iraqi intellectual, politician and religious cleric and former member of the Iraqi parliament.

First, there is now an established sex slave market. Children and women, both are the property of the Islamic State of Obama terrorists.
United Nations official special envoy Zainab Bangur released information gathered that a woman had been mandated to repair her hymen 20 times, in order to be married off to Obama fighters.

There is a price list of children and women in Mosul.  Old women over 40 years of age, can be purchased for 41 American dollars.  A woman over 20 years of age fetches a higher price in the 50 to 100 US dollar range.
The real profit is in the children, as adolescent girls price is 124 US dollars, but the highest prices are paid for children ages 1 to 9 years of age, bringing around 165 dollars American.

At this point, I would offer that Republican Governor, John Kasich was making it a campaign issue, that the Obama regime had not given IS enough support or IS would have been victorious in Syria already. Yes and Damascus would be selling hymen repair kits and the bazaars would be filled with Christian and Shia children.

GOP candidate: Syrian war 'could be over' if Obama had given ...

Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich has slammed the Obama ... the Syrian rebels [sic] years ago," Kasich ... to 'help ' refugees ...

Yes in true Islam fashion, these infidel sub human Christians, Kurds and Shia children and women are property for mass rape institutionalized by the Obama terrorists, the same pedophiles who John Kasich is enamored with and the same child rapists who John McCain likes having his picture taken with.

Montreal businessman, Steve Maman, has undertaken the impossible task of trying to rescue a few of these humans from Obama state sponsored enslavement. Maman though does not have American fighter jets, Homeland Security, Libyan weapons, Muslim oil billions, the GOP Congress ignoring mass rape of Christians, Kurds and Shia Muslims, and the entire Obama regime, but one life is one raped life rescued.

Steve Maman, the 'Jewish Schindler', working to rescue young ...

Montreal businessman Steve Maman is being praised as a "Jewish Schindler", as he continues to raise money to save young women and girls taken by ISIS in Iraq.

In all of United States history, there has never been anything like this in state sponsored terrorism. This is pure evil and the Obama regime is engaged in the same mass rape with Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and Joe Stalin unleashed on Germans.
In this era though, Vladimir Putin is the man wearing the white hat using Russian resources to stop the genocide in Syria.There is nothing which can be accomplished though in Iraq as George W. Bush broke it, Colin Powell took ownership of it, and Barack Hussein Obama Chin bartered it off for mass child rape.

Raping children in Iraq. Chopping up children in Planned Parenthood. That is the Obama legacy.