Wednesday, September 23, 2015

resurrector of the beast


As another  Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder with this non American Obama stealing two Presidential elections in being in the White House that I incorrectly assessed that America could not be any more degraded.

Then comes this False Prophet, the Pater Pope, invited to the United States Congress, in the Peoples House, where there are now rules set down to Representatives of America by the Vatican in their own house.

  • No one can talk to the Pater
  • No one can touch the Pater
  • No one can take a selfie with the Pater
  • No one can go near the Pater

So now America has the anti Messiah image in the Jinn White House and now in the Congress, the JOINING to the American People, their daddy has come home to fornicate with them in incest with satan.

America threw off kings in 1776, and now this treacherous Boehner McConnell Congress is bowing worse than Obama kowtowed.

This is the most disgusting and degrading of afflictions placed upon the American corpse, since the days that Dwight Eisenhower was boot licking the British and Russians in World War II.

This is not going to go well America. Your leaders just invited to worship the Pater who is bringing about the anti Christ and the beast of Revelation. Covenant is covenant. You made one with an anti Messiah and the demonic image, now you are joining to the resurrector of the beast and the son of perdition which will lead it to Armageddon.