Thursday, September 24, 2015

American Debt Equity Collapse


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What if I were to tell you that the European Central Bank announced that it was having problems locating sellers of debt. That sound bizarre as when Obama Geithner print money like Bekaah Valley opium lords with US printing presses, how can it be when debt does not matter, that the Central Bank of Europe is having problems finding people to create bonds so their nations can keep on this massive debt spending spree?

The key to this is DSP, or something I have coined as a phrase, Debt Saturation Point. I honestly had assumed in the massive ponzi scheme the Obama regime had unleashed on the world in "looting America's debt equity", that nothing would ever stop any of them, and yet here we have witnessed signs that all is not forever in Quantitative Easing.

QE was criminal fraud, in the Federal Reserve was buying debt, in order for the US to plunge deeper into debt, in order for the Obama regime to money dump 7.3 trillion into the Stock Markets of the elite in bribes, and is why foreigner Obama was put into power, as no American, even Bill Clinton would have ever betrayed America like this.

This is not just Europe, and what is cutting the money flow off to Wall Street in America. Japan has now purchased through it's central bank, 40% of that nations debt. None of this is causing any growth or economic betterment. It is simply money to the rich to get richer who are not spending any of it.

It is what is behind the collapse of the Chinese paper tiger economy. China embarked in the 1990's upon a massive building boom, thinking it's slave labor sales could modernize it and produce an economy. All it did was produce a bubble, which can not be sustained, and it has popped.
This was done as cover for the realignment by the cartel of the US stocks which are plunging and being inflated in order to deflate them, while inducing more national socialist control over the big debt borrowers who have been funding conglomerates like Amazon on this cheap money.

It is the money supply, that is called liquidity in the markets which is the hint in all of this of what is behind the non issue of debt purchases. Everyone knows a collapse is going to come. No one in these nations of Europe is going to incur more debt, as the markets which are almost entirely owned by regimes are being liquidated.
Think of it this way. The German Treasury has been buying most of the stocks in the market. The people are liquidating their investments and getting out. Germany is then stuck holding worthless stocks which will be worth nothing if they sell out........of their socialist own conglomerates in Nazism. This is the same liquidity factor facing Japan to America. It is why the Europeans are not selling bond debt, and something that Apple, Google, Amazon have not yet figured out in their stock debt purchased with low interest money, is that a nation like America already owes 7.3 trillion more in Obama spending bribes to Wall Street. America owes an additional 7.3 trillion in the Federal Reserve QE debt, so the central banks are reviewing this reality, with the reality that stocks will plunge 7.3 trillion in a reset, that this ponzi scheme is going to set off revolutions, once the people are told to eat air and not cake.

The key to the economic disaster this is, is the reality not that Keynesian economics is as big of looting and enslavement as communist economics, but that there is nothing left once as I stated from the start of this, that the Obama regime was bankrupting American debt equity and now this regime's legacy is bankrupted world debt equity.

There is nothing left financially in this except what induced two world wars, and that is a Great Eurasian War in order to steal gold from defeated nations, mass murder hundreds of millions of people to make it look like war is what this all was about, and then for the cartel to once again imbed itself into another empire to continue on this immortal mortals larceny of the world.

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