Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rick Perry A Breach in Time


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Recently Rick Perry quipped the old maxim, "Well a broken clock is right once a day", in a Perry whit attack on Donald Trump.
For those other Jebcaver voters confused about all of this, the correct expression is twice a day, as there are 24 hours in a day, and a clock makes it's circuit twice around the 12 numerals. This may sound a bit unnecessary to explain, but when witless folk abound in image Obama and Jeb rubs off in dullness of mind.

I thought I would provide Rick Perry a few more lines to wow the public with.

There was that other Texan running for Governor who quipped, "Well rain is allot like rape, nothing you can do about it, but lay back and enjoy it."
I state this as Rick Perry might come out with, "When the well runs dry, you only miss water and being raped."

So let us begin with other potential Rick Perry quips.

Beauty is in the cup holder.

A Penny saved is one lucky girl.

Man does not live by breeding women alone.

A breach in time saves nine months of being preggo.

It is better to teach a man about fish, than to teach a fish.

Necessity is the mother of good intentions.

Tomorrow is just another way.

We all just need to be more like Barack sorry that was Jeb Bush's advice to the GOP in 2008.

So that should help Rick Perry, who is probably going to be in need of something to do. I was thinking that maybe Donald Trump could be kind and, get him a job at the White House in you know that guy who picks up dog poop leftover from the Obama's ? Rick Perry would be the guy who gets the guy that gets that guy the know in charge of pointing at the coffee pot and saying it is empty.

Rick Perry needs a new word for his intellectual malfunctions......stupoid.

Additional Note: And no I do not want to deny Rick Perry a gun. I just want him to point it in a safe direction like at jinns and things.

Rick Perry is not dangerous when armed, no more than your stand mixer wearing a gun. They both just make allot of noise and are best having someone at the brain at the controls.

- Lame Cherry

Nuff said