Friday, September 4, 2015

Terrorists Know the Trump Name


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When Ronald Reagan was running for President, he, and the other candidates, were asked if they knew the names of some head of state.

Ronald Reagan answered: It does not matter if I know their names, they need to know mine.

President George W. Bush told the world after 9 11 that either people were for America or they were enemies of America.

On September 3rd, Hugh Hewitt, in collusion with all the other Jebcavers who have been conspiring the political assassination of Donald Trump, decided to be in solidarity with the Megyn Kelly "gotcha" traitors in joining with the traitors against America in asking President elect Trump if he knew the names of terror leaders in Obama Muslim lands.

The Lame Cherry has an answer for all of this beyond what President Reagan put the traitors of his generation into line with and it is this.

Terrorists know the name of Donald Trump, and that is why Mexican terrorists have threatened and put a price in Mr. Trump's head. That like Ronald Reagan is what matters. Not what a poison mic of the cartel in Hugh Hewitt attempted in political assassination.
There is no difference in what Hugh Hewitt engaged in, than what a Mexican murdering terrorist is engaged in. They both are enemies of the American Way of Life and are intent on ending America and Donald Trump.

That is the reality in all of this to be remembered. The propagandist of the French court then inflicting upon the people like the Tory press in America inflicting upon 1776 Patriots, are the same malefactors of the 21st century named Megyn Kelly and Hugh Hewitt, and deserve the same end as those enemies of America and France, banishment or trial before Citizen Courts for swift sentence.

There is no difference between political or physical assassination. They are both acts of homicide against these shattered United States.

Hugh Hewitt does not belong at the Reagan Library, asking American Donald Trump questions before a podium. Hugh Hewitt belongs in Jeb Bush's back pocket as that is where he resided.