Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Obama 9 11

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you think the looting of the United States Treasury was something which just "happened" due to the 2008 Obama Super Depression Crash which installed this birther to power had been in the planning stages for over a decade. It is a complicated scenario, but I will attempt to put it into an understandable perspective as a reader requested an article on this subject in how it links to 9 11 of September 2001 AD in the year of our Lord.


The economic rapist in all of this is an alumnus of the University of Minnesota, named Richard L. Sandor PHD. If I use the term "good derivatives", the derivatives part should be the warning light in it was this derived "wealth" from passing around debt for profit which caused the Economic 9 11 Terror attack on America on September 11th, 2001. What you need to know about this "professor" is he left the university system, ended up in Chicago Commodities Trading as the chief economist and Vice President, and then was at Northwestern University when the Joyce Foundation  granted him a small fortune to start a trading company called CCX or Chicago Climate Exchange.
What you should know at this point, in a chum head from Hawaii somehow carpet bagged his way to the chosen few with his new communist mentor Val-erie Jarrett onto the board of the Joyce Foundation which would bankroll Sandor to founding the ponzi  scheme known as CCX. Yes from "professor" Obama, Muchelle out being paid a fortune to sit on Chicago medical boards, and Obama community organizing, Birther Obama has never taken credit for being on the board of CCX.

So you understand what CCX was, it was the bastard of Cap and Trade, or Global Warming trading of carbon dioxide......the stuff trees and people exhale into the world and is blamed on electric plants. This was a conspiracy as Richard L. Sandor, is known as the "father of financial futures" and created the phrase "derivatives", as that is what he developed. Literally he created a ponzi scheme where bonds and other debts would be traded for profit, which 2008 proved was an absolute criminal disaster as all it is, is a mechanism of sticking taxpayers with borrowed debt from regimes.

2008 was set up to rob Americans and enrich these economic rapists.

Let us  though meld now the literal terror attack of 2001 with the economic terror attack of 2008, as both were financial in reason, and there were a host of reasons those Twin Towers were pulled from all sides seeking to obtain an edge.

Richard L. Sandor, created with the advent of Obama Clinton, the "good derivatives" a ponzi scheme to trade carbon dioxide. As people never die comprehend this, this employed the communist American Farmers Union which would be paid dividends for carbon farmers stored in the ground.......meaning plants. There is not carbon stored in the ground, but for this ludicrous criminal enterprise to work, there has to be a depository or bank, and a way to write bad checks on that account from industry like Ford etc... which all the Fortune 500 in the Nazi club signed onto or were compelled to sign on to, in limiting "carbon emissions", and into this would come economic rapists for profit, GlobAL Gore who owned a stake in this, to trade for profit all of these non existant carbon contracts or stocks.

Writing this, you should be dumbfounded as that is the correct response in reading this, as a scheme was invented by globalists to buy and trade air literally, and soil was the bank as there could not be any bottled factory that could contain the atmosphere, and who would be using this air would be industry having money extorted from it........and you the consumer once again paying for it all.
Thank God the Republicans were still Americans back then, as they stopped this, as you know that Barack Hussein Obama was put into the White House to implement this scam along with Obamacare, Obamatrade and all this other economic rape of peoples globally.

The Lame Cherry deals a great deal in patterns, and this is where the patterns begin in 9 11, and are a teaching instrument so people can comprehend if they witness a pattern happening in one instance, and it repeats, then this is not coincidence.

This begins with PROMIS. For those who are not aware of PROMIS, it was an early algorithm software which from the genius of William Hamilton CEO of Inslaw Corporation. What PROMIS accomplished was tracking all financial data anywhere in the world. The American Government seeing the promise of this for intelligence gathering, stole it, and this started a lawsuit, but by then PROMIS was out of the bag, and this linked back into intelligence assets of Rose Law Firm who were part of this money laundering operation of the sub operational groups of George H.W. Bush, in Vince Foster, Webb Hubble and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Next, we have Spanish programming genius, Andreu Riera, of Scytl. Riera developed gaming software which would predict casino gambling. He also had this dream of creating voting software to make voting truly democratic in everyone voting for their voice to be heard.
The problem is in feudal globalism, the mob is to be silent, and as the Lame Cherry covered exclusively, Riera was silence in a car "accident" in Spain, and his software simply became global in his corporation simply forgot all about him. It was Riera's "odds on voting" software which had nothing but liberals winning elections worldwide in e voting, and this is how Obama's group removed 10 million GOP voters for John McCain in 2008 to steal that election and how the regime vaporized a Mitt Romney 5 point lead and gave that lead to Obama in 2012 for another election theft.


Third and last in the pattern is the work of programming genius, Carlton Bartels. Bartels was CEO of Cantor’s This sounds like something you never heard of, and the reason is, is that it vanished on the morning of September 11th, 2001 when the Twin Towers were pulled.
What Carlton Bartels had created was a software program which would engage carbon trading transactions. In short, this software would run a trillion dollar dividend portfolio globally.

There would be on September 5th and 6th, 2001, at Climate Change Central a dry run in Calgary, Alberta, Canada of green house gas emissions trading. By 11 am eastern, Clarton Bartels was dead, his software was no longer his property and in one hour, Chicago Climate Exchange had lost it's only competitor in the trillion dollar carbon emissions ponzi scheme, initiated by Richard L. Sandor, at the behest of Joyce Foundation of Chicago where Barack Hussein Obama and Val-erie Jarrett were on the board.

If you are interested in coincidence, when the terror jets struck the Towers, Marsh & McLennan, Cantor Fitzgerald/ and Aon Corp, would be the employers who would have 1153 people die in the fire or be pulverized when the towers were pulled. Almost half the people who perished in New York that day, were connected to the Obama Jarrett funded "climate change ponzi scheme competitors.

I do not desire to leave you believing that this was the cause of 9 11. 9 11 was a web with many strands. There were many reasons those Towers were brought down. The Clintons had built their own sub operational counter surveillance group in the Twin Towers to maintain their influence and blackmail power. On September 11th that entire enterprise was crushed when the towers were pulled, and this is one reason Hillary Clinton was forced in Servergate to be contracting with another computer operational group, as the main intelligence group had been wiped out in 2001.

You do remember the Colorado "shooter" James the joker Holmes right? Just convicted to life in prison in zombie state, drug induced to follow orders to blast a Batman theater, but all of you forgot about LIBOR, another ponzi scheme trading debt which caused the crash to install Birther Obama to 1600 Penn Avenue.
The link in this is Robert Holmes, father of James Holmes. Robert Holmes had the tracking software which had sourced the entire scheme and was set to testify as the Tiger Lily ascertained to testify before Congress, and then by coincidence his son who was sane, went insane and shot up a Batman theater, and thus ended that testimony.

I told Uncle David Rockefeller that the Obama thread when pulled would unravel all of the secrets and every tug on that thread does it and exposes all of the feudal lord's crimes.
Holmes software was an improved version of PROMIS, and now we have come full circle in how all of this is interconnected.

What is interesting in this as a sideline, is that CCX was set up to loot money from the Stock Market, but by 2010 it was stopped by the Republicans then still loyal to America or cut off from their cut in this scheme. The Obama regime quickly abandoned all hope when Cap and Trade was cut off in that scheme, and immediately shifted to what has become standard Obama operational practice in overthrowing America, in the regime started extorting money from their targets, using EPA regulations to shut down industries like coal fired power plants and nuclear plants, and who shows up by Warren Buffett and George Soros buying up coal deposits, and by another coincidence it is said that Scott Walker of bankrupt Wisconsin is about to sell his energy grid for pennies on the dollar to Koch Brothers.
I keep telling you children and brats that these scoundrels are all the same coin.Their political whores enact the rapine to legally plunder Americans. That is why Obama abandoned Cap and Trade, as he had other means to destroy competitors in EPA and the reality is, the regime had Tim Geithner looting the US Treasury dumping 7.3 trillion into Wall Street, so there was not any need for Carlton Bartels or even CCX, as Obama could loot directly from the source in e currency, so CCX vanished in 2010 too.

Do not worry though about Al Gore or Richard L. Sandor as their CCX was neutralized, because this worthless ponzi scheme was sold to an unnamed commodities trading company. Sandor for his 16% received 90 million dollars.

I wonder sometimes how many times a real judicial system could hang the criminals in the Obama regime and those associated with it. Everyone knows about Bill Ayers, but the connections of Barack Hussein Obama, Richard L. Sandor and Al Gore to 9 11, mass murder, 2008 and the Obama Great Depression which installed the Birther into 1600 Penn Avenue, and some of the most horrendous looting of the US Treasury along with the most horrific of crimes are not universally known.

Now once again the Lame Cherry has connected the dots in another matter anti matter exclusive which is as heinous as the Roosevelt, Truman Eisenhower Genocide of the German people after World War II.

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