Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Facebook Psychological Terrorism


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The operation which Facebook was engaged in against this blog and thousands of other Americans is something which as a forensic psychologist I have appreciated the study of, for the simple reason it reveals what a Nazi sadist Mark Zuckerberg is, as these are this geektards accomplishing these actions for the global cartel, in exchange for his fraud billions in stock market shares, and it is psychological warfare.

Let me explain this, as most of you will comprehend this in starting out in the Temptation of Christ in satan in each case attacked Jesus in His identity. The human identity, and Christ was God's Thought inside a human body, is something geared along the image of God as man is created in, because God's Identity is all He is. That is why satan resorted to that attack to attempt to make Christ sin, as satan tried to have Jesus prove He is God.

That is the effectiveness in what Mark Zuckerberg and his geektards at Facebook are engaged in, in the absolute psychological terrorism of Facebook users. This is deliberate in Facebook holds the knife over each user, and terrorizes them that they might be the next baby gazelle killed by Cecil the lion.
Understand what Facebook is doing. It is engaged in taking away your identity by making you prove who you are with confidential information........for what?

To post on an e wall your photos or words? Words that if they are not in praise of Obama or Zuckerberg has you denied who you are, as Facebook sets itself up like satan to decide if you are who you are at your base identity.
That is who Facebook holds rule. They get inside the human psyche and take the identity from that person, and threaten to deny who that person is on Facebook. Literally Zuckberg is all for invader Mexicans having no identity to vote, but you world users have to provide identity to TYPE.

That is the "gold" in this, to type on Facebook, preying upon that high school nasty of the bitch in charge ruling court over who can be part of the group or not. It is exclusion which feeds this, but the psychological assault which Facebook is engaged in, is conning people that Facebook matters as they "let everyone in", but then cut out Christians, Veterans, Patriots, Americans etc....

People are caught in this, and never step back and say, "What the hell do I need Facebook for? I am still me without that Nazi spy site making my life hell".

It is an amazing pulse which Facebook utilizes in it is the Stockholm Syndrome, meaning they terrorize the person, and the person then being beaten intellectually, emotionally, physically and psychologically, and the people then being so conditioned in being beaten down, conclude that their entire being is contained in those electronic pages and if it ceases, they will be missing a part of themselves. So when Facebook says, "Prove who you are," and "Facebook decides who you are", is the ultimate satanic control, and if this engaged in any place outside the internet, these sadistic protocols would have Mark Zuckerberg and his geektoids at Nuremberg.

The Europeans have begun rising up in their courts affirm that people can have non de plumes and call themselves Rover All Over, if they choose. Zuckerberg hides behind the psychological terrorism he controls people with.......SO THE HOMELAND SECURITY HAS A MORE READY DATA BASE OF ACTUAL PEOPLE IN ORDER TO MONITOR THEM. That is what is behind a great deal of this, along with it being cartel psychological rape and punishment of those "who are not of the globalist dogma".

If a Christian site attempted to exclude people like Facebook does, it would be sued and shut down, just as E Harmony was by sodomites........and you do recall that little matter of exclusion in Kentucky by Kim Davis in she too was shut down for denying people access. Yet Facebook being a tool of the Homeland Security authority is above the law, and it inflicts the very same protocols the Nazi did in Germany and the KGB engaged in, in mass population control of Russia and the Iron Curtain nations.

Facebook is a gulag, an asylum, a concentration camp, with the doors all left open, with the real terror placed in people's minds, that if they set foot outside this death chamber, they will lose all identity and never be let back in.

As I  type this, my cursor is traveling up the page on it's own again. The cartel does not appreciate having trillion dollar operations being eroded by a popular girl working for free. The Lame Cherry has been a bit too successful in all of this in pulling too many out of the abyss and degrading the psychological operations.

All of this needs stating, and requires being shared and reposted. It is a matter that Facebook in order to exist in it's house of cards, needs you as the fake profiles do not pay. If everyone would take their stand as a People, Facebook would be in chaos, and Mark Zuckerberg would be begging on his knees before the cartel for his now worthless existence.
You do know that Mark Zuckerberg knows too much. He knows the inroads of Homeland at Facebook and the crimes he has been involved in. Without Facebook as a surveillance portal, Mark Zuckerberg would know too much and be a problem and be neutralized faster than Andrew Breitbart.

This is posted for your education, so you understand and hopefully free yourself from the psychological terrorism of Facebook which is an intelligence asset meant to condition you in e walls which do not exist, and conning you, that you do not exist unless you are allowing yourself to be beat to shit by trolls every day.

Yes ever notice all the malevolent "friends" you have never are asked to confirm their identities or ever have any problems now do they, as they are mind stooges of the cartel spewing their feudal propaganda.

The Lame Cherry is exposing Facebook, because no one else will address these crimes as the media is all involved in this from the same Paperclip source.
..........and for all of this, this blog sent in the official Lame Cherry birth abstract, and that was not acceptable to Facebook, as this is not about confirming the identity, but about terrorizing the most effective sapper America has in the wire.

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