Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Obama Black Weeks Market Plunges


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had originally concluded that the dumbest people on the planet were American farmers, due to in the 1970's the cartel enticed these rubes to borrow cheap money at cheap rates, against inflation on their lands which gave them capital, and in a few years, interest rates skyrocketed under Jimmy Carter and the banks owned all the land a few years later........and all those farmers ended up dying in the cities for Monsanto big buck agriculture.
Horrid genocide of an entire genus of Americans, but the big farmers did it again under the Obama regime and are now deluged with debt as grain and land prices plummet.

There is though a group of Obamalings even more stupid than farmers, and all of this means something to you children as it has to do with one of the real reasons the Stock Market keeps crashing.
There was a very good article on the Canadian site, Global Research giving a glimpse to all of this from Michael Hudson.

I begin this by asking you this, 'How is it that keeps having losses yearly, but continues to expand and buy things like drones?'

Does not make a great deal of sense does it, as if you keep losing money, you go broke. The method though is in the madness and here is how Amazon, Apple and Google etc... stocks keep rising, and you shit for brains investors who think these are sound stocks, had better check reality as they are not.

What the crux of this is, is the Cherry Doctrine on Borrowing. See Amazon, or Gayzon, has a banker, who says, "Hey Amazon, I can lend you money at 1% interest, and Amazon's broker says, Hey Amazon if you borrow that money and buy your stock, your stock will go through the roof and you will get a 5% return on that borrowed money."

Amazon looks at that and says, "That sounds like a great deal, as it inflates stock prices on our stock, we make money, even though our company is LOSING MONEY and everyone smiles and thinks this is great."

In the meantime, Amazon is in debt, and servicing that debt, and the friendly lender of the cartel banks says,  "Say Amazon if you want this gravy train to continue, you probably are going to put on your board our people to just watch things', and Amazon says, "Sure thing".

If you need explanations in this, what is happening is these corporations are all losing money. They are making money BY MONETIZING THEIR OWN STOCKS, exactly like the Federal Reserve buys it's own debt illegally in Quantitative Easing.

This is a house of cards, as it only works on two principles.

  1. Principle One is that interest rates stay low.
  2. Principle Two is that stocks continue to rise.
If you happened to notice something recently in the United States has not had Black Mondays or Thursdays, but Obama Black Weeks of epic stock plunges, that Principle Two is being violated, and Amazon, like Google, like Facebook, like Apple, are all seeing their stock prices therefore that massive debt they carry, operating expenses and salaries are not being serviced. The margin or the profit of the 5% has disappeared, but here is the clinker in all of this........

If Amazon or these other conglomerates panic and attempt to sell stocks to get rid of their borrowed debt, it only drives their stocks down further. NOW DO YOU GET WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN THESE STOCK SURGES? If you do not, the stocks were falling, and so these conglomerates of Obama would not go bankrupt over night, Tim Geithner of  Treasury was pumping currency into the markets to keep stock prices semi stabilized. This allows Amazon to sell stocks at a profit and rebuy more of their stock at the loss when it plunges. Still is a whopper debt, but is less of it, and the US Treasury, meaning you are going into debt to do this in record numbers, and Amazon is struggling thinking it is finding a way out.

Here is the problem though for Jeff Bezos. You remember those board of directors? They are cartel people who seemed real friendly right? Well they are there for the day when Amazon like all these Obama shill corporations are going to go under from their massive debt. You have to understand that this house of cards is built on inflated stock prices and debt borrowing. When the day comes for a conglomerate swallowing of US farmland in the 1970's or that cartel swallowing of investment houses in 2008 in the planned Obama economic implosion to install this foreign agent, then these multi billion dollar companies are going to be taken over for pennies on the dollar.
If someone like that retardo Mark Zuckerberg starts whining too much in being stuck with a fat China minder and a kid. Zuckerberg will just be neutralized, as in dead to shut him up, as he served his mythical purpose.

Now you should understand the drama of all of this in what is really going on in the markets. It does not have a damn thing to do with China. This is about economic Nazism and eating the very retardos who thought Obama was their buddy. This is an operation where the brightest people on the planet proved what absolute dumb asses they all are.
It is classic bait and switch, and none of this is going to end, until the powers that be, control every last pebble, penny and soul.

Once again by God's Grace, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, telling you like no one else can or will.

Oh by the way, God bless you Mark Zuckerberg and your Facebook Nazis to repent as your Homoland billions are going to be hell to pay.

Oh another by the way.........

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