Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Michael Rosecliff

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It's Here! "It's Not Coming, It Is Here" Now! - Michael ...

... 2015 Doug and Joe Hagmann are joined by Michael Rosecliff, ... that Rosecliff is the founder of the ArcLight Institute, ... 2015

This is the best I can do for now as am at the library. I do not know Mr. Rosecliff or the Arc Light. His gaming projections were fascinating. There is no reference to him dead or alive, except from pay per view sources. If I have time, I will inquire.
As it is, my bandwidth is burned out and I can not view files, to ascertain what his work was completely about. I will see though what turns up when I get home.

God bless.


Additional Note: To the reader who asked me about this, I have inquired and something inside me is wondering if Michael Rosecliff is a non de plume, meaning like Sorcha Faal, the name is a front. There was never a website for this entity, just a wordpress page like the Lame Cherry.
I did obituary checks and located none. There was only a Manor Rosecliff in Illinois at Intellius. That means Michael is not the real name.
Inquiry says whoever this is, is not dead and not the real name. I do not want my neck on the line over this in finding more information, but this appears to me to the game ran out and everything shut down.
Understand that insight, logging trends, can accurately project outcomes. That is all a mentalist does. They do not read minds or have visions. They simply can read situations and conclude a plus minus outcome.
For someone who had such a large signature in the fringe media, a death should registers, but none is registering.
Something does not appear right in this, and I leave it at that.