Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Rise and Fall of Facebook


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This is about Octopus' child, Operation Black Ink, which was an American intelligence venture, meant to cloak NSA activities in the tentacles of Octopus, in creating the World Wide Web, testing Israeli data mining of the public as in chat program ICQ, and funding internet companies like Google and Facebook, in order to provide FTP, file transfer protocol into every computer linked into those services.

The subject of this is Alibaba, the Chinese super net site, which was simply the NSA open door into the entire Chinese industrial complex computer workings. Do not think that just because Microsoft and Apple are Homeland friendly in filled with portals to every user's systems, as there is redundancy into the system as countermeasures are always available.
Alibaba was like the PROMIS in banking, just collecting data to monitor issues of production, raw material use and finances.

ALIBABA's Rise and Fall: What Comes After the Historic Wipeout?

The advocate for this Chinese spy network was Jack Ma. It does not make any difference if this billionaire was an asset of Homeland or just an employee of the PLA, because this is what mattered:

At first he started building websites for Chinese companies with the help of friends in the US.

In October 1999 and January 2000, Alibaba twice won a total of a $25 million international venture capital investment.

Let us review this, Jack Ma, was an English language student, had contacts with foreigners in China as a guide, he had "friends in America" building websites, and he received foreing funding to build his computer network in China.
That sounds like alphabet things like PLA, CIA, NSA for starters. A Chinese national dabbling in American intellectual property, dripping with foreigners, and neither the PLA nor CIA stops him. Yes of course this is just all happening by I just have millions of dollars donated to this blog as all of you do non stop, as this happens all the time.

I am not here to out an intelligence operation. I could not care about any of this, as I want money to go walleye fishing...............what this is about is the reality of, "What the NSA giveth, the NSA taketh away".

Alibaba was crushed with extreme prejudice in being a billion dollar paper tiger. Facebook is the same rice paper and will go down the moment it is no longer necessary. What do you think all of those Apple Dick Tracy phones are about? The NSA does not need Facebook with all the animals wearing Apple tags tracking them, listening to them, and data mining all they do on the internet.

So Mark Zuckerberg, the female version of Bill Gates, who has problems with women, just happens to get a boob flash from a China doll, and once again this sounds like alphabet agencies of PLA, CIA, NSA again.

As I type this, suddenly this high speed internet connection has slowed to dial up speeds in not loading. More

More information on the wall you are not supposed to know. I see no harm in Mark Zuckerberg knowing he is an e puppet.

Must be interesting being chosen for being a greedy, limp dicked, mindtard, being played to the myth you lie to yourself, that you are so intelligent more than others, so that makes up for your limp dick and your wanting to be a girl..........and then the girl you get is a minder who fakes it as you ejaculate in her.

Well enough of this fun, as you once were a multi billionaire who thought you had intelligence protection.

Here are some People quotes of intelligence asset Mrs. Mark.

In 2010, he started studying Chinese to prepare for a trip to China with Chan, who has some family in China.

I am sure that a Chinese in America, has not caught the attention of the PLA in China, and her family there is just ignored by the PLA.

Chan inspired Zuckerberg to start an organ donor program on Facebook. In May, the company announced that members could share their donor status and register to become a donor. 

What the hell is it with these Chinese PLA assets. Carving out organs out of prisoners in China and now getting Alpha Epsilon Pi is gnawing in the innards too.