Sunday, September 27, 2015

For whom the Bell tolls


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I received a letter from the Viking this morning which touched upon something which does give me pause. This blog is not a pulpit and it is not something for polite company. It is in the fray and in part is designed so all of your children have a playground to play on, for which most of you are unthankful for, instead of being made to sit in the corner.
The reason for pause is the Baby Girl's Mom, correctly censored some things from this blog in being protective in a too exposed picture of Jesus.

It is not possible for me to reveal most of what I am being moved to do here, for the simple reason it would result in my being assassinated or face scrutiny designed to shut this blog down. For those who are idiots in thinking they are so brilliant in not getting what goes on here, and then are frustrated to respond by attacking me or having me banned from will answer to God for it, as this is God's platform and you are attacking God's work, not mine. You are killing the only goose which is laying the golden egg. I do not say that in arrogance, but in fact......for the fact is if the politicians and reporters were doing their jobs, there never would be a Donald Trump or a Lame Cherry in the bombastic theater which is required when a Patton is raised up to win an unwinable war.

I am pleased that John Boehner was thrown out of office by the Conservatives he betrayed, detests and hates. I am even more pleased the little trolls he put into power are now threatening the right wing. That means they are frustrated, scared and out of control. People who are in control, plot how to destroy their opponents, and never make public threats.
Jeb Bush is scared by all the whining he is doing. 


You are the mob, not the leadership. You have a purpose just as Obama used his mob to  threaten bankers with pitchforks. There is a reason I posted about 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump is what is necessary. Notice I did not say "firing" for Donald Trump, but the cronies of the cartel who are intent on your genocide, must be made to understand in their thought processes, that there are loaded weapons out there of an American political movement, not some fringe militia, but in right and left wings, which is talking about being a movement with 40 million loaded guns.

You will notice that the things here start permeating to the top. Last week I heard a caller on Rush Limbaugh advocating the liberation and annexation of Northern Mexico. Gee I wonder where this child got that information and idea from? It is spin from this blog, and it all matters in how you take the time to read things, and start saying the things here. The herd is going to look at you strange with a bewildered grin, or like Limbaugh try to shut it down in "That is not going to happen", but the response is, "To hell it isn't going to happen. You are either for America or against us."
The mob is the push. The mob which I wrote of which was being taught to fight by Donald Trump is starting to flex it's muscles in the same necessary response of Samuel Adams Patriots against the Tories to the Hitler Brown Shirts in street fights against the Communists of Germany in driving them back.

I desire you to learn something in dealing with savages that every Plainsman in the 1800's understood in dealing the Indians. Col. Richard Irving Dodge expressed it simply as, "An Indian does not respect a fired gun. He only respects a loaded gun".
That is the problem in over use of Obama drones and mass murder in his wars. Ronald Reagan with Cap Weinberger selectively used the firepower and it intimidated the rest of the world. Each of you has the doomsday weapon under your nose, more dangerous than any firearm, and that is your talking about things consistently with intelligence.

Let me explain, you NEVER threaten anyone as that gets you into trouble. All that is necessary is to say things like 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump. You say things like "We are all now part of a POLITICAL MILITIA", because we have been pushed too much by the regime and the powerful elite.

The people hearing this will blink in having their brains slapped around to being normal American, will be confused by the militancy of what the political militia is, but will let it drop in agreeing they are being intimidated and put upon by the corporations and the regime making life harder. They will wed themselves to the Political Militia in creating it in their own mind of what it is.

As I related, I am pleased the Boehnerites are threatening people. It means they are scared and have no plan above level one. That means they left tracks for the Courts to come, to haul them before Patriots for prosecution. You start talking about People's Courts which are legal and coming, prosecuting all of these ivory tower trolls, and it will soon enough start percolating to the top, where they are going to start second guessing what they say, as they know a revolution is out there, and it will be their heads in a noose from a legal court.

You will notice that Glenn Beck and Matt Walsh have shut up after their initial attacks on Donald Trump......same situation on Rush Limbaugh in Eric Erickson from Red State did not get on the Limbaugh  fill in host slot, by that Buck Sextonio was instead called in. You are censoring and intimidating the ranks my children, by shouting them down. You are having effects........including not being swayed by these bogus polls against Donald Trump as the real polls are still showing Donald Trump is climbing in the polling. Actual data on Donald Trump ranges to plus 40 to in the 60's of people who will vote for him.

.......and on that, Blogger here is not saving the files again, as someone does not appreciate  the things being revealed here. There is one meaty block of these carnivore capitalists who are really going for broke in this, to keep information from all of you which is necessary.

As I have told you, you do not threaten people, but your starting to progress this about 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump and the Political Militia is seeking to take America back, is the step in this which is necessary to protect Mr. Trump, and your lives, as you are about to be genocided by those 40 million Mexicans, 10 million Chinamen and 10 million Muslims.

Get into their heads and start working on them. A few people in Congress got into Boehner's head, another 450,000 signed a petition to boot his ass out which represented 45 million voters.......that 62% which says the GOP has betrayed all of us......and you will notice now that the murmur in your ranks is espousing about hauling these traitors all into court for trials before the people. You will notice the Conservatives are now in the face of the GOP Jebcavers in intimidating that group of frauds. This is progressing exactly as is needed, and the more the Jebcavers believe that they are not going to be able to police state knock you down, they will conclude that stealing this for Jeb Bush is not going to be accepted and a Revolution for America is going to break out.

You must be responsible in your liberty though. The murmur is reaching the top and is effective. The butterfly has become a wind, and it is starting to knock the lawn furniture over named Boehner. That breath is going to become gusts as it feeds upon the surge.

I would tell you ungrateful morons who think yourselves so smart, to thank God for the work which has been accomplished here. The Lame Cherry took the beach and the hedgerows in 2008 with a few sappers. This is building to take the Continent. It all comes down now to the flux in how big the arc will burn, in if it consumes or welds a new structure.

It is ok my children and my brats, the sapper is in the wire and I am here in the future. As I am alive here, you will be alive here too. Just get on your little feet and start taking steps forward.

Boehner and his ilk brought the False Prophet into the People's House. They will pay for this, as the Founding Fathers would have never stood for such apostacy.......the very peoples who founded America were the remnant not burned or tortured to death by the Vatican state religion.