Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Season of Life in Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a message for liberals and Conservatives as who Donald Trump is should resonate with you, in why Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Jeb Bush and the RNC are so political assassin against him, because it has to do with each of you.

We often hear of how much John Boehner detests the Tea Party. Those on the left smirk at this and think it is great, but the satire or irony in this is, remember Nancy Pelosi using that unbalanced Cindy Sheehan and then discarding that nut, and you do remember image Obama having blacks burn down their neighborhoods, beat up and shot by cops for political drama to divert attention to how the image is replacing Americans with Mexicans?
The exact same hatred which John Boehner has for children on the right, are the same things which the Obamalings and Clintonites say about you nuts on the left. They use you, like to you, and then ignore you as they ridicule each of you as sub human.

I am going to remind you in the GOP majority in Congress led by Dennis Hastert of Illinois, was one where nothing happened for Republicans. It was all stalemate and then Nancy Pelosi had Rush Limbaugh gridlock. You remember John McCain and his democratic gang of the few, who we were told "well we can't do anything because of these few".
Odd thing when Obama showed up, everything got done and no one could stop him with just a few people.

I desire the people on the left to understand something though in what Obama did. It is why Cornell West is involved in Black Lives Matter. Do not focus on the drama and cop shootings, but what Dr. West is focusing on, in Obama has screwed black people over to their graves.

This Obama regime has been over 7 trillion dollars in dumping money to Wall Street. Does that help Afroids? Does that help Asians? Does that help Whites? No it does not, it helps that .1% while everyone else is being robbed.

Jeb Bush hates the GOP base. image Obama murders the Democrat base.

Bill Clinton in the 90's had Unions pleading for jobs. Clinton told them to pound sand, and all those jobs went to Asia. That is your own left wing leadership screwing people on the left over........and who robbed them but the Clintons in the Dotcom bust.

I am equal opportunity in this as the Lame Cherry is interested in the Truth and attempting to free you from picking fights defending the elite who are betraying you to your own doom.

For the people on the right, Donald Trump is not running for Jesus, so stop thinking your messiah is a white guy this time the way people on the left were duped by messiah Obama.
For the people on the left, Donald Trump is not running for father confessor, to make all of your depravity legal. He is going to though provide you with numerous ways to get rich, so you do not have to attach yourself to Hillary Clinton and spend the rest of your life sucking from her old nipples a poison to kill you.

Donald Trump is what he is. If you people on the left notice, the Republicans are not the goosestepping, jackboot loyalists you accused them of. They have thrown Bush to road kill and are fighting to get out of this Obama abyss as he is the only ride out.
The Republicans have made their no turning back choice. What America needs though is Democrats to do what they did with Ronald Reagan in voting for him, to empower themselves. The numbers are 40% Latins, 25% Blacks are going to vote for Donald Trump. The White margin is in those numbers too. America though needs more of you.

Bernie Sanders is the Donald Trump protest vote, but Sanders is not going to make the GOP stay home or inspire the GOP to vote for him. It is the same reality with Hillary Clinton only worse, as she is going to make Democrats stay home, the way McCain and Romney turned off enough voters so Obama could e vote steal two elections.

America needs a landslide, to make all of your voices heard, to herd those nasty tools of the elites to doing what Ronald Reagan made them do, and that is give you chance at getting your lives back.

Donald Trump at least shows up once in awhile and hands over his money to people in need. You know that no one in the GOP or DNP has given a blessed thing to anyone.........if you want to count Hillary Clinton donating her old undies she took a tax deduction for to make money off of it, in you paying for that too, then that is your choice. What I have said from the start is Donald Trump is a billionaire like you. He tries to do the right thing, so he does not have to apologize to other people for hurting them.

Everyone of us has been lied to and betrayed by our parties in the worst way. The GOP betrayed gun owners and Christians, and the Democrats betrayed blacks, enslaved Latins and used sodomites to get at raping children in the next round. This is a nefarious bunch which is not right or left wing, but sold their soul whores.

Blacks should not be forced to chant "black lives matter". Whites should not be forced to buying more guns than most nations have. Mexicans should not be in cartel enslaved nations, were they only have a chance at life in being criminals trying to steal from Americans. Asians should not be singled out as breeding too much. That is what the world is in being made by the cartel conduits of the Clintons, Obamas, Bushs and Boehners. There is a chance with Donald Trump for each of you to be individuals, successful and not manipulated for 8 years.

I am begging you this one time to listen. I told you America is dead. Christ though noted that all seeds die and are in the grave of the soil waiting to sprout again. A dead nation only has so many years like a seed to sprout again, before that seed dies. That is what Donald Trump is, a seed of Americanism in that Spirit of 1776. For your own life, protect that seed of Donald  Trump and give this the care it needs to take sprout, take root, send up those tender shoots and become like a mustard, a place for birds to nest in animals to rest in the shade.

Donald Trump was once a Democrat, once and Independent and currently a Republican, as his views have matured. Honestly, he could not run as a Democrat as Jim Webb is being wiped out there, even bending over for sodomites, but in this GOP field of Birthers Cruz and Jindahl, FU Rubio, and the Obama cast of Carly, Jeb and Ben are an Obama murderous 3rd term, if Donald Trump was running as a Democrat, I would be voting for Donald Trump, as the only choice possible in this time.
Republicans vote for former Democrats in Ronald Reagan, and Democrats voted for Ronald Reagan too, twice in landslides.

Donald Trump is the American seed who can by God's Grace and your numbers to elect him and protect him, bring this murdered nation back to life. We have had enough Bush, Clinton and Obama death in national aborticide. Should not this be the season of life in Donald Trump and not the season of more death.

Think about that over the next year. You do have a choice and many or our previous choices were right, but we were all lied to, to our great hurt. We have been lied to and manipulated. It is time for Americans to live, while the rest of the world is pondering their deaths still.

We have had enough apologizing, enough being blamed and enough bowing. You do not have to punished for who you are. Just live, and let this be the season of life in Donald Trump.

Nuff said