Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Start of the Trump Presidency


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On Sunday evening when CBS 60 Minutes placed Donald Trump with equal footing of President Vladimir Putin, it was the cutting off of the Jeb Bush campaign at the knees, and the a series of events which have begun the presidency of Donald Trump.

The Teamsters have now refused by unanimous vote to endorse Hillary Clinton, or any other Democrat, and are willing looking to meet with Republicans, and specifically Donald Trump for an endorsement.
None of this has taken place since the unions rejected Jimmy Carter and moved to endorse Ronald Reagan in a historic realignment in the 1980 election, which again was shattered by George H. W. Bush, as that administration undid the Christian and Hispanic coalition for Reagan.

This situation is joined with 40 religious leaders, led by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and included black Pastors who listened to Mr. Trump, and have concluded that they were not being presented who Mr. Trump is by the media propaganda.
The leaders met with Mr. Trump for over two hours, and then gathered around him, prayed over him as they laid hands on him.

Coupled with this, in the release of Mr. Trumps Tax Reformation, former Reagan and Clinton official David Gergen, gave Mr. Trump credit for specifics, while former "having nothing to do with Donald Trump", Bill Kristol, removed his toxicity, and lamented that the other GOP candidates (Marco Rubio) had not evolved to Trump speak, but were still in the dinosaur age.

This is what the beginning of a Presidency looks like. Media coming into acceptance of Mr. Trump, the Democratic bullwarks seeking audience with Mr. Trump to work a deal for their support, and the Christian media clergy moving in mass to fly from all across America, to listen to him, to lecture him, and to lay hands on him.

We are witnessing something greater than Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump is revealing the art of the deal on every front and turning the big tent into a national tent.

It has begun, as once this starts with conglomerates like Carl Ichann endorsing Donald Trump to assist him as President, it is going to pick up momentum. That is why Rush Limbaugh in worrying about having to pay his fair share of taxes in trying to piss on Mr. Trump's Fires, is going to be once again Big Koch on the Megyn side looking in.

This is once again Donald Trump moving 10 steps ahead of the other players of intrigue. This is what a Presidency in the early stages is. There is a building Reagan Coalition greater than what Mr. Reagan created. I honestly believe that there are Democrats who are ready to offer their support and as this progresses they will come out for Donald Trump.

Thank God for the correct moves appearing and being rewarded.