Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Trump Stock Rises


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What is of interest now is to see if the assassin's conspiracy of the cartel cavers against Jeb Bush will cause Americans to jump to their deaths as lemming following them or if the cartel rapine of America by stock looting will instead herd Americans to following their only hope in Donald Trump.

In effect as the Lame Cherry has speculated, as the American stock markets plunge, Donald Trump's Presidential stocks will rise, as Americans will desire a business man who can save them over....

A Ben Carson who can cut on them.

A Hillary Clinton who will maul them.

A Jeb Bush who will replace them with Mexicans.

A Ted Cruz who will green eggs and ham them.

A Joe Biden who will Obama them.

Yes the markets are deflated and prophet Marco Rubio comes out with this beauty:

Rubio to Trump: 'America is great' right now...

I so hope that the horizon points change and Marco Rubio goes back to telling America to "fuck you" in  reverse speech, instead of being Vice President.

'Death Cross' Patterns Spread...
Canada officially in recession...
FLASHBACK: Nervous financiers purchase getaways to escape...

We are though in a position in America of Americans locked down as prisoners. You should know that every aristocratic family has an escape plantation, many of them in Patagonia in South America. Even as of late author Dick Cheney was seen prowling around that plantation looking for a casa among the beaners.

I place this here noting that the rich have not donated to me to their demise. I will have as a feature here tomorrow the reason why the stock market is plunging and rising, and it does not have a thing to do with China. China is a cover, and is being depleted like all other markets by design.
I am posting these teases here just to taunt your rich people who do not donate, to point out how in the dark you are and vulnerable. You think you are immune to things, and are clueless as you are in the trap.

The point in all of this is this and none of you had better forget it.

Facebook can censor me. This blog can shut down. Each of you will be as ignorant as the day you are born, but the Lame Cherry will still know all, as God Inspires me and talks to me constantly in what He wills to inform the world. 
It is not my problem if those Nazi trolls at Facebook stop the posts there and it is not my problem if this venue ceases, it is you richtards problem, as I still will know the answer you will be in fetal position wetting yourself begging to know. Yes the time will come when you would willingly sign over ever blessed thing you have just to be safe. The tides change and all of your arrogance is going to bite you in the ass much to your harm.

Facebooks new game was to try to track me by phone.  Then some troll........yes my children and brats, you can thank one of those assholes who pissed on me on the wall, and I blocked who probably reported me to Facebook whining I was not real. You can thank one of your own, one who was on your friend's list for dooming you.
I have fulfilled my responsibility. I told you be human and do what was right or you will be reckoned with. You thought it was someone else, and now the process of your answering for what a spiritual bastard of the father lies is upon you.

What did you have taken from you today? Ten thousand, a quarter million in the stocks and investments you had? Yes you did not do what was right with that money and now it is donated to satan, and you are responsible for that.

I hope the rich do flee. That is a pleasant thought in some worm infested, scabby, machete slicing subhuman raping you, after your high paid security and the local police figure out that what you have will be theirs just for the taking in a world to come.

The answers come tomorrow for you but this working girl knows it all already. See I had my regular job, my other job, my God job, and yet by God's Grace I posted 4 exclusives in future reference including this one. Also did some clever artwork........and I got paid not a cent for any of it as that is my life.

I would sing, but I have a headache. Now back to work as bread is baking.

A Patriot is someone traitors scorn, a Patriot is someone most fail to be as they are cowards, and a Patriot is what the few really are, in being risen up to not more than what others are, but choosing not to be a traitor or a coward.

-Lame Cherry

I am going to keep rubbing it in how incapable you are, so that it echoes in your mind and haunts your dreams, so you cry and you wake up in a sweat, not knowing what to do. I am not going to allow you your illusions, as you are in reality a sadistic, ignorant and savage race which deserves extermination from God's conduits as you have proven in good times exactly the beasts you are.