Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ben Carson the Porch Boy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In life, one witnesses people vouching for others which they know absolutely nothing about, and yet believing the worst about the other.

Recently I saw a person saying what a great guy Dr. Ben Carson was having met him a few times.

My first thought was, "Do you owe Ben Carson money or does he owe you money? Only in that do you begin to get a glimpse of what Ben Carson is."

The same reality is, if you are naked and available on a bed, and Ben Carson is horny, is he going to do the right thing or is he going to go Cosby on you? Bill Clinton was perfectly harmless with witnesses around, but a rapist when no one but the woman was around.


I am going to have an expose' on Ben Carson which is going to ask some questions about him which are troubling by his very own, Dreams of my Carson, writings, which others have reviewed and I see troubling manifestations in.

For now, I will focus on the reality of CARSONGATE, a polling scandal of illegal election tampering, where Monmouth ran two back to back polls on August 30th and 31st, but the poll which showed Carson five points behind Trump, but by miracle, Carson was even with Trump in the poll which appeared somehow on the 31st, which was the poll the entire media started Monday off with.............
Ah, how is it a Monday poll was created before it could have been created in phoning hundreds of people to make them go through almost 20 GOP candidates and other questions about America?

That is what a real conspiracy is. Ben Carson is a tool of the GOP elite to destroy Donald Trump in the first "racial" prod in what is going to be more GOP covert political assassination attempts to chisel at Donald Trump. Carson is never going to be the choice of these pasty white old perverts for Obama........this is about Jeb Bush, and the proof is Ben Carson is a Jebcaver. Rand Paul failed and is failing, and Carson is the tool for this first assault.

Do you know where Ben Carson gets his money from? The super pac which runs him is quite anonymous, except for the one outsider pac which is run by Herman Cain. You remember Herman Cain, the great Obama hope who was an adulterer pervert and forced from the GOP primaries. Yes all is black among these Afroids, in it is Sharpton with Carson and Carson with Cain. It is all racial and I suspect like all of these Afroids, that Ben Carson behind closed booth polling doors voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 while going public and bashing him, as he knew the GOP needed a black to bash Obama with as the old pasty white pervs were terrified of being called racists.

So good guy Ben Carson is someone who likes using butchered baby parts as it would be a waste not to use them.......perhaps we can go dig up dead holocaust Jews as why waste them too.
Then there is the Ben Carson in bed with anything black.
Then there is the Ben Carson who is the porch boy for the GOP elite being funded and sent out to destroy Donald Trump in the second wave as the Kelly and Paul waves failed.

Ben Carson is guilty with Monmouth University and the GOP elite of election tampering to manipulate voters. That ain't a good guy.

Ben Carson is the porch boy of the elite, from Herman Cain's Jack n Jill aristocracy to Jeb Bush's political elite.

Ben Carson is part of the group who forced this blog off of Facebook. That is the reality of Ben Carson.

There are patterns forming around Ben Carson and he is a porch boy.

Nuff said