Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Undertow of Your Nuclear Death


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I study a great many things which interest me. Corn, forensic psychology, psychic ability, prophecy.....basically the things which make up the dynamic of Lame Cherry in being a popular girl, while most of you are like an American female divorced from a Cuban man and still trying to speak in a foreign tongue with a traveling band as you complain to the world that you can fix it, but not fix yourself.

Being me, I like me more than dirt, as I love dirt a great deal being in the image of God. Thing is I find other interesting minds like Tim Rifat, who cruises through all sorts of intelligent things like repeating in Jeff Rense interviews the saga of dirty bombs, dirty foreigners and dirty westerners that should be rotting on top of the dirt for being so disgusting.

I like Mr. Rifat as he has been busy saying things in his warfare, and now the Obama terrorists are busy administering the shockwave of implementing Tim Rifat's programming.

You know, when murdering psychotics threaten you with nuclear annihilation, you really should listen. A German journalist has just reported that the Islamic State is plotting a ‘nuclear tsunami’ across the globe. I’m betting the Great and Little Satans are at the top of that dance card. They are vowing to bring the earth to her knees for Allah. This is all according to a new book entitled: “Inside IS – Ten Days in the Islamic State.” Jurgen Todenhofer was part of Merkel’s CDU Party. He then went into journalism in 2000 and became a war correspondent. He spent 10 glorious, fun-filled days with ISIS, under the supervision of the butcher and beheader, “Jihaid John.” Evidently, ISIS plans on killing several hundred million people. He says we have drastically underestimated the power and dedication of ISIS and he is correct. That’s a fatal mistake, with the emphasis on ‘fatal.’ Todenhofer said the terror group’s plan is to obtain nuclear capability and unleash a “nuclear tsunami preparing the largest religious cleansing in history.”

The bed fuzz of this world is always thinking they can correct what goes on here, as if they shew me into their substandards, it will validate them above living under the beds they hide. Problem with that is, some gifted people in this world, actually have a natural ability to influence a number of active minds, to get them to start being parrots of what is published here, and they have no clue the popular girl is the song bouncing around in their brains, and they are delivering my message to millions of little minds ready to sponge it all up.

Tim Rifat is an interesting study, in his dirty bomb as he has not been at this that long, and is not a daily fixture in media, nor does he access millions of households. He simply has ability, and his cause and effect, has just put something into the Obama terrorists minds, and they are speaking exactly as they have been programmed.

I know when you talk, no one listens to you, but that is not your fault really. You simply do not have the ability to affect the matrix which is a symbiotic hum with this side of the paradigm, in this constant wash and backwash flooding things up. It would be much better if you just had the few people who had your good interests at heart to save you from yourselves do your thinking for you, and you just obeyed, instead of always going off with Mockingbird in speaking your death instead of being a parrot for your life.

I look forward to the Obama ISIS nuclear tsunami........yes Asian word, yes liberal Oxford Harvard mindset of the Mockingbird......(Please do not notice this that the thought process of Obama terrorists from Muslimania are all thinking in Mockingbird English terms as that spoils things in you connect the dots of this to Berlin, London and DC, instead of leaving it under the rug at the mosque.)

Where was I?

You paying attention?

OK, now start thinking about something else as your mind wanders.

I look forward to the Obama ISIS tidal wave of nuclear annihilation of your ivory towers and your skulls being on my mantle as trophies instead of the cash you donated. Think of all the good you will be doing. I will put your skull on a pike, and the little wrens in my gardens which were your lawns, will be singing on your skull cap as their little ones poke their heads out of your eyes looking for a bug to eat, from my non GMO gardens.
You will finally have a purpose in life. You will have donated your skulls to Lame Cherry as you somehow kept resisting donating to Lame Cherry, but resistance is futile, and you will donate to Lame Cherry and thank me for all the information being posted here.

Yes human waves of invaders just does not happen without mind conditioning and the magic carpet ride. I will enjoy the soot of you coloring my red moons and fiery sunsets, before your ashes rain down to fertilize my corn.
See it is all good in serving me, corn, forensic psychology, psychic ability, prophecy.....all servants of the Lame Cherry.