Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Joined at the PAC


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You probably have not heard that the FEC is investigating Carly Fiorina, who has been getting a great deal of FEC attention in making her change her PAC names, as she is a clever CIA asset who likes spin.

The new focus of the FEC demanding an explanation is this one:

SM Gibson
September 28, 2015
(ANTIMEDIA) A Super PAC associated with GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has raised almost $3.5 million to date for the former CEO in her quest to become commander-in-chief in 2016. One donation in particular, though, stands out among the hundreds of contributions pledged to the CARLY for America Super PAC as so perplexingly bizarre, it has left the Federal Election Commission and a host of others scratching their heads in bewilderment.
On June 18, a donation of $500,000 was made to the Fiorina-supporting PAC by Keep The Promise I. Not only is Keep The Promise I a generous contributor who believes in Fiorina’s presidential aspirations enough to fork over half a million dollars — it also happens to be a Super PAC set up to fund a political rival of Fiorina’s and fellow presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz.

So you get the short version. Fiorina donated half a million dollars to Ted Cruz.

While the FEC and others are wondering what this is all about, the Lame Cherry explained to you from the start of this that Ted Cruz is an intelligence asset.......his wife is an asset of the Rockefeller CFR which wants to do away with the United States and make her a nation with Canada and Mexico........same Canada which Cruz is a citizen of.

It begins to make sense that as Cruz is Trump's shadow as a  cartel fail safe if they can carry the political assassination off against Donald Trump, that Cruz would then reap the Trump voting block.......in theory, and of course, you have a George W. Bush CIA asset in Carly Fiorina, who while at Hewlett Packard, firing Americans and hiring foreigners imported, was called after 9 11 by the CIA chief, to deliver NEW computer servers directly to Washington DC.

Why? I told you before that the CIA had a massive division for monitoring American in the Twin Towers which was NSA spying on Americans............me being one of them, so I know the story. After the Towers were pulled, the computer problems I had stopped, until summer 2008 when Obama seized office.

So Fiorina diverted from Americans a server shipment in the South, to DC, and after that she was named to CIA monitoring boards.........and it just so happens that interesting money cash flows are now flowing to Fiorina and becoming more interesting in flowing to the foreigner Ted Cruz, who is in this race as a CFR stooge of the cartel, to pick up the pieces if the coups against Trump give him a Grassy Knoll.

That is what is behind this money laundering. The old bag Fiorina is the CIA bag woman, and her asset is Ted Cruz......who is minding the Tea Party and far too man good Americans who have been suckered by this green eggs and ham.
Look you children and you brats, you have been ignoring all the information on these two as you want to believe so much in what they say, but Fiorina and Cruz are assets of the very criminals who are in the process of genociding each of you.

As the FEC is investigating all of this, you know very well the Obama regime is kicking this into gear, and knows very well that Carly is a weak point in this in being laundering money to the stooges who are assets of the intelligence community.

Now you know.........so donate to the Lame Cherry as by God's Grace I am doing more for protecting your little butts than those traitors you have put your trust in.

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