Friday, September 11, 2015

To the Children


I wanted to thank those people who have been kind to us in all we have been going through. You know who you are, and know that anything you have provided in prayers, kind words, a donation or just being around like a Guy to say something, the actions are appreciated and God bless you.

The brats who assisted in this problem have exposed what they are. Their moment of a pound of Lame Cherry flesh is going to cause their own hurt as without me, they will find their world ignorant. I am not about to pray Father forgive them, for they knew exactly what they did.
Brats always lie to themselves and say they are good people, but their actions speak for what they are. Saying God will deal with them, and that their sins are sealed in Christ's Name forever unforgiven in Judgment is something they will mock.........what they do not know is this. The Holy Ghost constructs everything here for God's reason. Anyone lying to the Holy Ghost, hindering the work of the Holy Ghost or denying this is the work of the Holy Ghost is guilty of damning the Spirit of God, and for that there is no forgiveness.

I realize that many of you are cowards my children. Many of you are retarded mentally my children. You are not up to the reality. Your god is a thing like Facebook, which you can not free yourself from as you are possessed by it, as the demon machine haunts you. It is not your fault that you are an image of Judas or Peter. You either want the thrill of Lame Cherry and then betray me to death, or you are Peter professing fidelity and then running at the first sign of trouble.
Jesus knew the hearts of men and I know by my Master your hearts. I know I am in this alone except for God, and God only held Joan's in Spirit as she was brutalized and then burned at the stake. I am not judging any of you, no more than a bug flying off, as that is all you are capable of.

Too many of you think Donald Trump is entertainment, when this is what a rope to drowning you looks like. Too many of you are witless and deem yourself genius. You are already dead and caught in the trap of your own arrogance. I look upon you as leaves wilted and ready for the wind, as this is a part of the natural outcome.

I will remain in contact the most appropriate way. Know this though, that we had minders on Facebook and I was aware, as much as the other situations there, as certain as the other things going on. For an insight to this week, I had a popular girl moment in being a moving target. I noticed what first manifested as light blurs across my vision, which eventually settled onto something like looking through cellophane wrap or water, in my lower vision. I could feel my blood pressure up and it was a bit of nuisance to be distracted by periphery vision like this. It was simple cell tower in waves to stroke me out. Their process is very accurate and mobile.

I will decide that none of you will to have like experiences. So understand why I protect you.

I did note the Tea Party group had a Facebook alternative. The writers seem adept at typing, the users Cruz bullies and I wonder how long it would take before I was banned there. I will though fill the forever internet with expose' pieces on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to reveal what degenerates they are.

I contemplate asking God to make Donald Trump into the type of strongman America needs for what is ahead. I contemplate a number of things to provide an environment to allow the Phinehas loose and viable to be bring an acceptable conclusion to this protocol.

To my brats you are fulfilling your predestination of what you chose. You are unaware and the conduits of satan to your end.

I am weary now. You will be in my thoughts and my prayers.