Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trump Debate Reflux

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not believe Americans have any intelligence really as the new Drudge Poll which is as accurate as any concerning the Trump Debate, reveals that Americans do not listen, and if someone makes a loud enough sparkler at the fireworks, they all think that is what winning looks like.

I mentioned a bit about the Trump Debate last night, but desired to review the Drudge polling now that is settled out and had over half a million voters in the sample.

Donald Trump did win the debate, but not in debating. As I stated, Donald Trump did not appeal to the Jebclappers, but Donald Trump in honestly saying George W. Bush tanked at the end of 2008, was responsible for inflicting Obama on America.
Mr. Trump also stated Iraq was a mistake. Whether you like that or not, Democrats like that, and Donald  Trump is eating the cannibal ass off that donkey in over 20% of Democrats are solid for Trump.
That is what Bush and Paul said they were going to do while hating the GOP base. Well look at this, Donald  Trump loved the GOP base and he spoke the facts to the Democrats, and he has them now too.

I am not going to examine nor debate Iraq. The point is, Donald Trump did exactly what he had to do, and he did it.......he survived the ugly Carly moments, the energizer Bush moments, and stayed the hell out of smoking dope and other crap subjects that no one wants to deal with.
In that Trump won the debate, but won it most in the Democrats watching and voting for him.

As I said I listened to the debate. Fiorina's polling has gone up, because if you scream allot, Americans think that is winning and they remember you. Look, I am going to be honest here...........Carly Fiorinia appeals to bitches who want to get back on men for not liking their ugly asses, and Fiorina appeals to these little puss males who want a strong rich woman to Sugar Mama them. It is creepy, but that demo has a peak, and Fiorina has peaked with her perverts and idiots who think a big sound is winning.

Honestly, the best show in this debate was Chris Christie. He did very well moulding things to look Conservative. He looked like a man who was auditioning not so much for Vice President, but Attorney General. He did well though.

John Kasich did well, but being the politician in the room does not appeal at this juncture.

Marco Rubio, sounds like Wally Cleaver at about age 15. A great deal of exhuberance, but no one paid any attention to him, as no one wants the glee club cheerleader.

Ted Cruz, he is trying to ride Trump's wave, but his crest is falling.

Mike Huckabee did well. He had sound answers and good political direction for taxes. Once again though, he got lost in the Carly primal scream for 3 hours like most of the others.

The biggest losers were Jeb Bush, who looked like Grampa waking up from the nap to say some line and then dozing off again. The other loser is Ben Carson, who got caught double flipflopping and he sounds like Louis Farrakhan on the radio. His blackness which Limbaugh and Big Koch were promoting has run it's spike and the votes will move from him.

As a note in this Carson is a fraud, when he says he has so many donors. Let me just remind all of you, that Ben Carson's big donor is that adulterous black guy from the last election cycle, Herman Cain in that Pac, and he has Big Koch picking things up, as Limbaugh was giving Carson the grooming and preening treatment in talking things up.
Carson is a liberal like Fiorina, but Fiorina screams allot, and skirts with hurts like that, but there is only so much hate in women to get them to vote for the women start remembering Carly is the bitch who said something about your tampon problem at work that time....and keeps telling all the new people about you.

For a reality check, Scott Walker is DOA. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Chris Christie are all on life support and should think about checking out.
The caveat in that group is Kasich should stick around to see if he can gain some traction later along with Christie. Rubio has Vice Presidential appeal if he stay around after the first culling, and Mike Huckabee is auditioning for another 4 years at FOX, so he is going to keep in the race.
The others in that Jindal group, just need to close the coffin as the reaper has pronounced judgment.

Ben Carson's voting block is the one which is now up for grabs. Seriously Fiorina has too, as people have proven they do not like Hillary Clinton bitchy women around. Her dynamic will come into play later.

Jeb Bush is that forgettable. He is finished. Christie proved he is 10 times the presence, energy and man on the stage. Christie sucked the last gasp out of Jeb Bush's Do Not Resuscitate. Look Donald Trump kicked Bush's ass three times in that debate......3 knock down and that TKO does not answer the bell. The billionaire fags had better start working on a deal with Donald.......and drop that Ben Carson as he proved he had a 30 day shelf life.

This should sort out to Trump, Kasich, Christie, Fiorina, Carson as he is dying politically, Cruz, Rubio and regrettably Jeb Bush as he just will not go away.....nor will Rand Paul, with Mike Huckabee in the mix.

Nuff said