Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trump Presidential Test

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With all the news jamming together, I did not want you to miss this one.

You might remember that Elton John was busy speed dialing Vladimir Putin and was offering to travel there to meet, to inform President Putin of the virtues of feces scented sex.

You might have heard that Mr. Putin agreed to meet with John, as Elton John posted such a comment.

The problem is Vladimir Putin never phoned Elton John.......but Russian Pranksters did.

The duo were Alexei “Lexus” Stolyarov and Vladimir “Vovan” Krasnov, so John did speak to Vladimir, but the wrong one.

These two have phoned all kinds of Russian celebrities and politicians in pranking them. They had phoned an election official and had him convinced that he was going to be fired, and spent 6 hours on the phone with the Ukrainian leadership pranking them.

While the western press was publishing all of Elton's gushing, about it being the most wonderful day of his lovely life, the Russian people immediately figured it wsa Krasnov, and it is the point now that it was a prank, and Vladimir Putin's staff can finally find the answer which was stumping them, as they knew Putin would never do anything like this or did make a call, so of course Elton John, the gaybrain did, and that is what set this all off, in that Rush Limbaugh singer, really was made a fool of again.

The key to all of this is not when Donald Trump is President, who Vladimir Putin will be listening to, in Elton John or Donald Trump. The Kremlin is already listening to Donald Trump and is reporting his statements.......not Jeb Bush, not Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, not Carly Fiorina.

Donald Trump has issues though. The issue of REM, the fag rock band which has not had a hit since before Clinton was in the White House, and REM has not yet figured out that it is not going to be Dixie Chicks protected by the Mockingbird as these leftists are going to find themselves in legal problems in the Robespierre system.

That is the reality as Americans begin flexing their muscle. It is the fact that all of those left wing trolls who posted about "fleeing America" when Donald Trump is in the White House, in deciding which nation they can flee too.........nations like Alaska and Hawaii, but the real matter of the fact IS which nations are going to want them?
These loud mouths like Cher who never leave America, are going to find out something in a visit from the 1950's Order, where problems for America not only stopped getting work, but often enough, they started having problems overseas in nations where the US Counsel just never seemed to be able to help them.
You do remember the example of the Beatles having dope problems in America and Japan? That was from a request by the British to "deal" with a problem which they could not deal with.

Carly Fiorina's idea of foreign policy is not talking to Mr. Putin. That is a disaster. One must never believe that Vladimir Putin is not going to test Mr. Trump, but the reality is the Russians talking to Donald Trump, will mean the Russians will not be invading Europe or flying nuclear bombers into Alaska.

When one does not have a populace which fears their leaders and their reach, one has a nation where other nations do not fear you.

- Lame Cherry

When fear is a weapon though employed by the regime against the people, ineffectively, other nations hold that regime with as much contempt as the people do under that regime.

- Lame Cherry

Vladimir Putin is a leader whom Americans in majority admire. It was correct strategy for Donald Trump to engage in conversational diplomacy, and incorrect silence on Fiorina's part, adversarial on Rubio's part and antagonism on the Obama Clinton part.

For those who require being informed, Donald Trump is passing the Presidential tests in making the correct decisions on the important issues.