Friday, September 18, 2015

What the Coulter Oracle Speaks

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Obama voter Ann Coulter made headlines by Tweeting "How many sexually active Jews do Republicans think there are in these disUnited States?" at the GOP debate, as Rubio, Huckabee and whoever was focusing on the sexually active Jewish vote, which voted in record numbers for their messiah Obama.

Someone the media says is a comedian and actor, who I doubt I have ever laughed at or noticed, in Seth Gorgon, said of Colter, "a horrible sexually active idiot".
So it seems in the press that asking how much sex Jews are having, and Republican's praising sexually horn dog Jews, brings a, I suspect, Jewish response of their not appreciating a bottle blonde not intelligently being sexually active.

This must be something focusing on smart sex and dumb sex. Apparently Jews quote Einstein math formulas during sex, and Ann Coulter just does not quote Jew math.

Now with that explanation out of the way, in Ann Coulter got more publicity and the Mockingbird propped her up in talking about "Jewish influence", as Coulter does love the Israeli state of sex which is not producing any children, just Philistines..........

I will translate what this is about by God's Grace.

Mitt Romney said in 2012 that coons should go back to where they came from.....and he was not talking about raccoon to the swamp. It was code word, as much as Bill Clinton talking about Bright Boy Obama.

The cartel knows there is a perfectly wonderful racial vote to exploit every which color there is. Jeb Bush was nailing Asians not long ago for Latins and Coons, who are failing to Asians.

What this is about is this........

Ann Coulter is Mockingbird, and her handlers decided it was time to appeal to the anti Zionist vote which is a real voting block of various knowledgeable people who have been tweaked in Confederate Flags and other such things. Ann Coulter was signalling to this racial identity group who knows the Ashkenaz are running things, that her Donald Trump is not a Jew patsy.
It is called herding, and is more distasteful than what Ann Coulter tweeted.

That is what this is all about. Coulter sending signals to the racial identity people in oppressed races that Jews are being pandered to.
As you missed this, Coulter is attempting to link Donald Trump to the KKK, Nazi and White Supremacists, like that little fag replacing David Letterman attempted for Jeb Bush, and, Coulter is paving the way for a "I brought home the vote Don, so hire me as the shemale minder for the cartel."
There are always more than one level operating in all of these operations.

Piling hot coals on you in hell by posting. You richtards do not donate and you malevolent Twatzikas who feign being human, are getting heaping coals on your head from this blog for being the satan servants you are. I am still too hurt and numb inside to appreciate this, but I do like giving you a donation of torment in hell heaped up.

I am going to keep donating with fervor for everyone of you, every child you spawned and everything you hold dear. Does not matter any more if you are here or not, as this follows every malevolent dead beat out there.

Enjoy the information as much as your coals in hell, you satanic vermin.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.