Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Tale of Two

As another Tiger Lily exclusive in matter anti matter.

There was once a woman who I will call "My Great Grandmother".  My great grandmother was a widow who lived in a rural area and was considered semi-well off in she was not dependent on anyone, lived simply, and did not own anything expensive.  My great grandmother read the Bible often, prayed, and sang hymns when at home.  She was very active in her local church, hosted missionaries in her little house who came to preach, and was constantly giving what little she owned to others when she knew they were in need, and not just throw-away things that did not matter to her; she would give beyond what most people would consider the point of their own hurt, or what would be "reasonable" help.  When she died, she left little to nothing of material goods to her descendants.  Instead, she left them her heritage of simple, deep faith as an example that they could choose to follow or not.  She loved her Jesus so much she shared everything He Gave her with others, and she knew no want as He Supplied all her needs.  At her funeral, people from all walks of life came to mourn the loss of her beautiful representation of Christ in her life and to praise her for all the good that God had done through her.

There was also another woman who I will call "Briny McScrooge".  Briny lived in a rural area as well.  She had worked several well-paying jobs throughout her life and had saved up enough money to retire on time without having to downsize her lifestyle.  Her husband was still working, and she had her own part-time job on the side for extra pocket money that was convenient to working from home, so she knew she would not ever be a burden to anyone or have to touch the money that was saved up for the children, who were also successful at their well-paying jobs.  Briny was very health-conscious and raised her own food as much as possible, so that she would use her health insurance as little as possible.  Briny was active in her local church, helping to teach Sunday school for the little ones, decorate the church for holidays, and visit other sick members with her prayer group.  From time to time, Briny would rummage through her cupboards for food that she no longer wanted or that might go bad before she could use it and drop it off at her local charity as a tax deduction.  She did the same with clothes and shoes.  Once a year for Christmas she would buy a shoebox for Samaritan's Purse to fill with little goodies from the dollar store for the poor children overseas.  Briny was very theologically educated on matters such as "transubstantiation" and could quote many different Greek and Aramaic words, pointing out the correct interpretation in which ἀγάπη or לֵב was used and what its true original meaning was according to the prevailing cultural context of the day.  When she died, she left as much of her money as the government didn't take to her children and a generous monetary gift to her grandchildren.  At her funeral, people came to mourn her passing and to praise her for what a generous and sweet person she was.

Whose reward in heaven was greater?