Thursday, October 1, 2015

Can't We All Just Get Alone


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was going to type this "Can't We All Just Get Along", but the Holy Ghost moved to replacing the G with an E, as we all know that brings good things to light, so on that note let us settle some pressing issues.

Apparently the image Obama has some really legacy issues to wipe up before it is sent back to Iran in 2017 and one of them is about Gay Shitters. Frankly after all this hassle of fag marriage, I just want to go back to the good olde days when there was a restroom for Men White, Female White and the coloreds had a hole out back to shit in. I figure the sodomites would enjoy that too, as they like backdoor thangs coupled with the smell of feces penis.

So anyway, I am all for helping Obama hit the road, I mean the image, as the real Obama is resting in the frozen food section of the White House doomsday bunker just down the tunnel a bit from 1600 Penn Avenue, and you regime agents don't believe me, you can go an check it out........look under the frozen food's boxes in the chicken entre section.

Bill Clinton joined at the hip General Colon Powell back in 1993 to slide in Don't Ask Don't Tell, which has become in the gay rape military, Dont' Ask Don't Tell, Don't Scream Don't Yell.
That being such a hit in Rape America, the answer to Gay Shitters in America is simply making them all.



That answers all of this fag Obama stuff, as  it is now no one's business what anyone does behind closed doors, but that Kim Davis in Kentucky who gets terrorized by fags and the fag enablers on the benches in court, and by not giving sodomites Charmin, they can smell like shit, which they really get off on in sex and after, be green in saving trees, and the rest of the normal world will be made to pretend we do not smell shit just like we pretend all this sodomite marriage shit does not stink.

Now with that solved, the Lame Cherry must move to address Obama's 3rd Terms, in Thing One Clinton and Thing Two Bush.
Thing One Clinton was screaming in emails about not wanting those fags listed as parents on State Department passports as it would give Sarah Palin something to get more attention over, as Hillary does not like hot chics taking all her glam light.
The Lame Cherry commends Mrs. Clinton in being a lesbian in being prudent over elections, even if she was not prudent over Chris Stevens ass in Benghazi being raped to death by Obama terrorists. Presidential elections are much more important than homos being listed as Buyer 1 and Buyer 2 over some poor Russian baby to gay Elton John.

Thing Two in Jeb Bush is a bit more difficult, as Jeb is back to his racist stuff again, as he seems to just zero on things like Mexicans being good for Bush's with little dicks, and hating on Asian babies born in America. This time Jeb is taking it to those damned Indians. Not the current Asian kind, but those Asians who got to America as immigrants back in the day from Japan called Indians, AKA First Peoples, Bucks, Squaws, Injuns......and if I left out any Jeb Bush terms, I will end it with the racist Injun slur of APPLES, who are Injuns red on the outside and white on the inside.
I know that is not very creative, but what do you expect from Aboriginals just cultured a few years ago. I do not know what they would do with a Granny Smith apple, being green on the outside.......perhaps Leonard Nimoy was Indian and not a Jew......but I suspect that Obama when he was alive, would be called an Arkansas Black, in an apple that appears black on the outside skin, but is kind of red, and is sort of white yellow on the inside like the Asian Obama is.

Anyway, as I said, it is just easier if Jeb Bush would announce he was gay, and married to a guy named Columba, formerly known as Castro before his sex change operation, and their perverted children were all adopted like the Obama's two girls who look like Scottie Pippin and another Stevie Wondering black.

So anyway, here is what I advocate to solve the Jeb Bush problem in hating Indians, and dismissing them as he apparently knows all about this Redskins stuff in NFL liberal football, in Indians do not give a damn about being called Redskins.
Frankly, I like the Redskin Indian logo, as it looks a great deal like Phonecians who eastern Indians are, but that gets into Semite things, and I do not think Jeb was going anti Semite this time as he did not swing gay yet, because Jeb Bush really likes that gay latin voting block.

Here is a joke:

I state that in case someone thinks it is racist.

How do you get a Cuban to raise their hand?

Ask who is gay.

You don't think that is funny? Wait till you see the George Stephanopoulos joke posted in the drafts for later.....that was really funny to a liberal.

So anyway, this is it for Jeb Bush as this has to be solved. I have moved that I want the Redskins named "BIG WHITE PENIS SKINS" as all the white guys will just love that and women will like watching a team named that as white folks just do not care what they are called.
As that is not catching on in the liberal NFL, I move in this historic Obama 44 two stolen elections by a foreign agent, that the Washington Redskins, should be called the Washington Spookskins.

Halloween is coming up. People get spooked by blacks all the time as they are always rioting and blacks like that kind of power, and Clint Eastwood called blacks, Spooks, in that movie Grand Torino. It is ok as he calls everyone names, including nosy Catholic Priests.

So as Obama is a Designer Negro of the left, a  real communist organizer who is scaring to death like 350,000 Syrians and hosts of others, it all just solves it, in the NFL needs to change the name of the Redskins to the Spooksins, in honor of all the things which are going to be named for Obama.
That Obama High School just had riots, so I say just bring out the Spookskins as they will be a bad ass team, and lets us not forget that great Tampa Bay quarterback at the end of his career, Doug Williams, won a Super Bowl for the Redskins.
Perhaps Mr. Williams can have a little Afro emblem down in the corner along with Martin King, as we do not want to have blacks getting in the way of historic Obama.

I think that solves it for Jeb Bush now too, as I am sure he was cut off in he would have said something like, Habla redskino careo no abouto nameo, so changeo redskino to mexicano and allo willo beo fineo.

That is a little Spanish vocabulary for the mariachi band travelers who thinking pissing on me on Facebook is a way of validating their pathetic existences when all it does is make unpardonable sins they will answer for before Jesus.
But as this is not about hell, and only abominations of the ass and bush, that is a digression for which I will stop.

So anyway this is the Spooksin helmet sans the Doug Williams afro and MLK logo, as I did not want to get in the way of historic fag Obama and his 3rd term twins, Hillary and Jeb.......or even Marco Rubio doing his best to fuck away his Vice Presidential slot.
Always the problems with Cubans, too damned hot blooded and the Irish are too cold blooded, so all you get is pee warm jism you just spew over.

Think of it though if the NFL moves quick on this, the Coonskins.....sorry not about Davy Crockett here, but the Spookskins could be playing Brother Love Philly and all the shitters in the stadium could be labeled faggot neutral with Don't Wipe Don't Smell, and fans could watch shitty football and have the smell of shit wafting through the stadiums, as Hillary complains everyone is looking at bathed Sarah Palin, image Obama is saying we need more of this, and Jeb Bush is doing a study of identifying babies by their poo, to drum up some business for Planned Parenthood in selling body parts.
I am all for image Obama, Clinton and Bush, just to have Boehner and McConnell with Ben Carson's support just cut out the aborted black babies and go straight for alive Asian babies as you do not have to wonder about coolers and things. Just keep them viable and slice out what you need at the lab, like a stick of salami in the fridge.

Maybe that comes next week, now that we have the shitter and NFL logo thing out of the way.

I do believe people would do so much better in being alone. I love being alone with TL. Most people would benefit the world by being alone, in their primal scream would drive them crazy in about a week, and they would blow their heads off. Providing they used light loads, the lead would stay in the skull and when the brain rendered out enterprising capitalists could go around and collect all that lead for sale by melting it down and grinding the skulls for fertilizer.

Can't we all just get would solve so much.

Nuff said