Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ah Hamrod I knew thee well


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I dislike it when mic head Mockingbird Homo Hannity spins to rednecks that Hillary Clinton is incompetent on Benghazi, as that is a lie, and as Mrs. Clinton's emails prove everything the Lame Cherry broke on ANALGATE from Day One, what Homo Hannity is engaged in, is another cover up and deception from the Truth.

We know on three points that are certain:

  1. Hillary Clinton lied and knew it was not a Gaytube video which caused the attack.
  2. Hillary Clinton did not have one of the 600 emergency requests for security reach her.
  3. Hillary Clinton knew the specific identity of those who had attacked the US compound.

Homo Hannity would look at that as incompetence, but the Lame Cherry sees the above evidence correctly in exactly what this was all about. Benghazi was an event in which the Obama regime's "good" terrorists were supposed to kidnap Chris Stevens on 9 11, hold him as hostage, and in ghosts of Jimmy Carter with Iran and George W. Bush in the Twin Towers, Obama was going to lead a successful rescue before the election, killing all the terrorists and bringing home Chris Stevens and other Americans alive to wipe out Mitt Romney from the Presidential election.
You don't get this, when Obama was alive, he detested that he had to steal the 2008 election by flipping votes from John McCain. Obama wanted more than anything to win an election to validate hisself and the Benghazi Rescue was going to show Obama as greater than Carter and Bush.
When the disaster took place, the operation went into political spin to save Obama and secure the 2012 election. What it degraded to was Obama still had to flip 10 million votes from Romney in e fraud, and Obama was denied his legitimacy.

Ponder Mrs. Clinton. She was out of the loop on Libya. The best she could do was whore for Sid Blumenthal for his investments. She did not want to be anywhere near Benghazi, as she knew damn sick that this was a staged kidnapping which could blow up on her, and what she was taking part in, was the political reality she was facing........she needed Obama in office, to protect her ass, and to provide her with the agreed upon agenda of.......making her President in 2016.

Of course, Mrs. Clinton knew what the Obama regime was up to, in bribing terrorists and installing their dope trade communist community of Islamic terrorists all through the Mideast. Benghazi was Obama's Ace in the hole for the future of Mrs. Clinton, that turned into a broom up the A Hole of Chris Stevens.
The entire scenario of Libya, was about handing over the Khadaffi weapon's cache to Obama terrorists in order to get rid of President Assad of Syria It was not that Assad was evil. It was Assad was not a cartel Marxist who was going to hand over the Golan to oil exploration.

You have to run this in reverse to get this. Why is President Putin in Syria? What the hell is Syria? Syria has no place on the board.........unless of course it  has one reason in west Asian hegemony, and that is to run terrorists up into the Caucusus, into Chechnya, in order to assassinate Vladimir Putin, install the Caliph there, all so the cartel can get back all that oil Russia took back from the Rothschilds when Putin took control over Russia.
That is what this is all about in long term. That is why Vladimir Putin is in Syria. He is not there because Assad is a great client state, but because Vladimir Putin is protecting his southern flank. That is why Russia is in Iran, and as I told all of you, Russia will move into Iraq and other areas to create a security zone there for Mother Russia.

I told Uncle David Rockefeller that allowing Obama into power was going to be the one string which would reveal this entire weave and unravel it all, and here is the start of how all of this fits together. For those who require being told, once Russia gains it's line in the sand on the south, it is going to begin disrupting Turkey to get it out of NATO.
I warned of all the trouble that Vladimir Putin could create if he was not shown respect, and now those cartel clients of the Pater Pope like Angela Merkel of Germany just purchased from Turkey at 50,000 dollars per head, 5 million trained Syrians to fill the German concentration camps for workers.
That is what is behind this invasion in Europe. It is the upper class radical Muslims, who will bring in 5 more family members, and they are the new Jews for work to death labor to be exploited.

All of this connects to Hillary Hamrod Clinton, in the new vision of feudal Obamaworld. The problem is these millions of radicals are going to rape and murder those white Europeans to non existence and the Merkel's will rule behind gates as all of this can be exploited by Vladimir Putin as he tries to save Russia.

You will notice that no one has asked yet, who in the hell these terrorists in Libya, which were imported out of Afghanistan really worked for. They were flown in, through Egypt and dropped in Libya to murder the Khadaffi government, and then move onto Syria.
They were being armed and paid by Birther Hussein Obama, and Mrs. Clinton knew this, as much as that nation rapist John Kerry who handed Christians in Sudan over to slaughter for oil.

So these terrorists were paid and armed by the Obama regime, and that is what Chris Stevens  thought he was there for in getting back those weapons, and not be kidnapped. Someone though did not appreciate the operation and decided to fuck with Obama and murder the Ambassador, because they could.

I ask that you remember the Lame Cherry exclusive of that date, in which a team of American assassins landed in Libya the next day, professionally capped those who were supposed to be running this operation for Obama, and then flew out.
Those professionals used military and civilian techniques in a combined team, to retaliate on the traitors and to silence those who knew what had taken place.

In the meantime, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Obama were out lying to the public, because they had to keep this a political issue, which is what it was generated as, to re install Obama. That is what the crux of the testimony has been not diverting to, but Homo Hannity and the GOP are attempting to lay this at the feet of Hillary Clinton.........when it was Barack Hussein Obama and that entire caste from Jarrett to Kerry whose hands were bloody in this.
Now why is that, in not one mention of Obama or directing the "buck stops here traffic"? I told you these GOP frauds you are cheering are working for Obama and Hamrod is the one they are directing fire at, as that is what their orders are.

This is a hard world and what the Lame Cherry is about to reveal is the fact. President Vladimir Putin and Iran, knew from the ports of Mrs. Clinton off source email server, that Benghazi was being set up for a kidnapping and rescue of a US Ambassador. The Russian FSB informed the Iranians, who informed their terror allies, that the Obama regime was going to use them, blow them to hell in murdering them, and prance their way to the White House.
That is where the fury of these terrorists came from, and the carte blanche, in they had the blackmail information as did Egypt who extorted millions of dollars from the Obama regime, and used that information to boot out Obama's Brotherhood terrorists from control of Egypt. The murder of Chris Stevens and others was in retaliation for what the Obama 2012 election was about.
Think about it. Obama took 300 million in these terrorist's fake money laundering  in 2008 that Americans were stuck with in TARP bailouts, and in 2012, the regime was going to do to them what they did to Khadaffi, Mubarak and what was planned for Assad.

None of that is going to come out from these fraud Republicans, going after Mrs. Clinton and leaving image Obama and that gang of criminals alone in the Rainbow House at 1600 Penn  Avenue.

I have better things to do than this, as I have not the time or money. You though have been told now three things in what has been going on behind the scenes in Mrs. Clinton's health, why Joe Biden is not running, and more details on ANALGATE, which you are not being told by your saviors on the left and the right.