Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton's Real Medical Condition


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was curious over the intrigue of Ed Klein's book on Hillary Clinton and his later post about the Five Dirty Little Secrets of Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton's medical problems were part of the dirty secrets.

Hillary’s Health Issues: Hillary is plagued with frequent blinding headaches and is constantly worried that she is developing another blood clot on her brain. She is concerned about the trembling in her hands and suffers from insomnia. Bill believes she is in denial about her health and has urged her to travel with a full-time physician.

I decided to Inquire over this and the following is what the information pointed to.

Hillary Clinton does not have another blood clot or brain tumor. The severe headaches she is suffering from are not anything to do with a brain condition, but is related to something she is eating. It is combination of preservatives and caffeine.
The insomnia is due to her hormonal imbalance.

The relevant part dealt with Hillary Clinton does have a neurodegenerative disease. I had thought that her hand tremors were linked to Parkinsons, as that is usually a definitive sign, but it surprised me that what Hillary Clinton's brain is suffering from is the preliminary stages of Alzheimers. It is this degeneration anomaly which is causing the hands to shake.

Hillary Clinton is an old woman. She is under stress, has a body out of hormonal balance, is reacting to pressure and symbiotic chemical toxins in that body, and Inquiry states she has prions in her brain which are what is causing her brain dysfunction.
Inquiry states that it was Hillary Clinton's last paid vacation she took with Chelsea, to India for an elephant ride, is where she caught this brain disease.

I have read that the British used bright light helmuts to treat this as prions apparently are retarded by light and people recover from this.

Hillary Clinton's health is an issue. The Lame Cherry provides matter anti matter exclusives once again which no one else can or will.

Inquiry says, Joe Biden's brain will give out before Hillary Clintons.

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