Thursday, October 22, 2015

Another Moron Wrong About Donald Trump


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I observe Donald Trump. The problem in this, is that my children and my brats, I do not ever want to get into the semantics of Donald Trump in revealing what is taking place in his campaign, not because I ever desire to be like Rush Limbaugh in hiding things from the public in the behind the scenes operations which you should be aware of, but if I make known the things concerning Mr. Trump, it will alert those seeking to destroy him, in what he is accomplishing, as they have not figured it out yet.

What I dislike are morons and alternative brains like the article posted by a Kali Holloway, in this writer's absolute brain bias chirping things like a parrot, like most of these Ron Paul group who quasi intellectualize they are more intelligent than everyone else.
They remind me of my college educated suma cum laude sister, who confessed her ability to discern what politicians would vote like...........translation, I am an educator who sits in a church pew, and I want to claim for my conscience that my voting for my damn union job in baby butchering sodomite democrats, is for my ability to know that democrats really are not liars.........and it is not about money.

I did not bother looking up Ms. Holloway, and only know her keyboard type in the cut and paste typo. Her diatribe against Donald Trump was typical:

The phrase seems applicable right now to Donald Trump, who has lately made it his business to shout, at increasing volume, as many empty slogans, detail-free policy plans and grossly racist and xenophobic inaccuracies as he can think up. Trump gets an awful lot of things wrong, an awful lot of the time. But right now, we’re in one of those rare moments when Donald Trump is right—and even more astoundingly, he’s the only one. As the billionaire calls BS on mythologizing around 9/11 and how George W. Bush “kept us safe”

OK let us take this apart to reveal what an absolute fool this female is.

Donald Trump has never shouted. He makes speeches.

Donald Trump does not have  to increase his volume and has not.

Mr. Trump does not use empty slogans. He has one slogan in "take America back" which is precise and not empty.

Mr. Trump has released detailed policy papers on the Second Amendment, a much praised detailed tax reform policy, a securing American borders policy with removal of invaders. The fact is Mr. Donald Trump has released more policy papers than the rest of the candidates, left or right.

Mr. Trump has never uttered one racist statement or xenophobic inaccuracies ever. His assessments are based on the facts that the criminal element in Mexicans is a dangerous problem, and that America is indeed for Americans, not for invaders.

Donald Trump has not gotten anything wrong. That is why Donald Trump trounces both political parties and their candidates

There is a reason Donald Trump has brought up 9 11, and Ms. Holloway in her ignorance has no revelation or clue as to why he has accomplished this. I will reveal as to why Mr. Trump did this, as I have mentioned this in part before.
I do this to convince the people with intelligence and brains, in order to give them defense against these morons who write all of these smears against Donald Trump, as they fixate on ways to kill off a Bush, because George figured out how to get into the White House over their candidates.

I will make this simple, as I do not believe this will harm Mr. Trump in the GOP primary, as Jeb Bush has been abandoned by the billionaire fags and all are looking to Marco Rubio as their savior.

Donald Trump chose to appeal in the Republican party to Republicans, not Independents or Democrats. This might sound odd, but Jeb Bush, Rand Paul etc...  have this smoke and mirrors lie that they did not need the GOP base to win, but would win with the liberal base.
Jeb Bush alienated deliberately the entire GOP base, which is over 60% of the party. He is now failing horribly as he attempts to prop himself up with visions of Reagan and having W raise funds for him.

The key to this is the political field. Donald Trump has cemented the GOP base to voting for him. He went out on a limb for them, said things Americans believed and they believe he is genuine.

Can Donald Trump win with the base alone? George W. Bush did it in 2000, but lost 3 million of them on that drunken driving smear he had staged against him from his past. W. would have wiped Al Gore away if not for that stupid concealed fact.

Mr. Trump though is not W. Bush. Donald Trump is looking as a progressive in Teddy Roosevelt or a Conservative in Ronald Reagan in building a coalition.

That is what the Debate 2 moment was all about, when at the end of that debate, Donald Trump, when Jeb Bush was weary, getting pounded as the non energizer bunny, uttered the infamous, "George W. Bush did not keep us safe on 9 11".

Jeb Bush, in this debate had been baited in Mr. Trump had mentioned Columba Bush, and Jeb put her in the front row for an apology which Mr. Trump brushed off. It is that reality that the Bush family is a clan. They are all one entity and react like rednecks in you say something about one, they all respond.

With that bait, Donald Trump, hit Jeb Bush with the very things that Jebus had been saying about his mistaken brother on Iraq. With that Jeb jumped hard in defending his brother, to a cheering bused in Carly Fiorina crowd........

Yes that looked and sounded like a win for Bush, but Donald Trump as this blog noted in that debate review was not talking to the GOP base any longer. Donald Trump was speaking to the Democrats who desired to vote for Donald Trump and not Clinton or Sanders.
Those Democrats cheered Donald Trump, and it was this Ms. Holloway group on 9 11 who were then pulled into Mr. Trump's gravitational swell, and they have been charged with that and spiked with it ever since, as Mr. Trump designed that issue to be.

So you get this, Jeb Bush said this was his base..........that is who he was focusing on, and in one moment, Donald Trump provoked Jeb Bush to stab the people he was appealing to in the back. Just like that, Jeb Bush alienated the left wing, exactly as he alienated the right wing base.

I do desire you to get this. Donald Trump set this up deliberately and Jeb Bush was a puppet on the string. I desire you to know this, so you know that Donald Trump is more intelligent than all the people who think they are so brilliant, and this is the kind of mind America needs in the White House and the mind who can negotiate with another brilliant mind like Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are caught in their flat world traps, as much as the flat heads of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are caught in like traps. Donald Trump is very adept at psychological operations. He is a natural at this, and in a campaign, he is able to plan his moves for effect.........exactly as in The Art of the Deal, one throws your corporate competitor off balance in order to get the deal you want, and not the deal that they want.

What I am attempting to rectify again, is putting out these back fires which are started by these morons or smear typers who repeat bogus things, and attempt to condition you or are too moronic to not be programmed by the protocols, so they are repeating the same uninformed charges.

This is what masquerades as intelligence. There are few hybrids worse in this world, than a multi cultural Asian racist or an Ashkenaz genocidist leading around caucasians to their own holocaust.