Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mr. Speaker


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

John Hawkins of the Right Wing News published that his site would endorse traitor Paul Ryan providing Paul Ryan agreed to all the terms the Freedom Caucus has laid down.......which Ryan hints he has.

Barring my condition of Paul Ryan should have to wear a C4 suit with a radio detonator, with a public posting of that dial up number, for anyone to activate who is displeased with his latest treachery, and no safeguards for wrong numbers, the Lame Cherry offers this solution to Paul Ryan and these fucktard Republicans of this corrupt Obama police state.

Let us just not have a Speaker of the House.


Well who the hell needs one really?

You ever use one? Has one ever become President in succession? NO.

If America does not have one, it goes to the Senate leader or something, so who the hell cares or needs one as Pelosi and Boehner sucked.

I  got this off of Yahoo Answers to save time in what a Speaker does:

1. The Speaker is the chair of the steering committee that chooses all committee chairs.

2. The Speaker directs all bills to their respective committees. (This is a HUGE power -- as if the Speaker hates the bill he can send it to a committee he knows will kill it -- or vice versa).

3. The Speaker is personally responsible for elevating members to the all powerful (and never to be messed with) "Rules Committee".

4. The Speaker is responsible for organizing floor debates, ruling on the acceptability of floor motions, and recognizing members who wish to address the House.

5. In any dealings with the Senate, the Speaker appoints all members of conference committees.

6. Because of all of these things, the Speaker is the agenda setter of the House. What bills are heard? What bills simply get thrown away? What policies do we wish to impact, and how? These are all questions that only the Speaker gets to answer.

OK so in review, all of the people are already in position. No one is voting on anything and Americans do not want Ryan's damn amnesty no more than his Obamatrade, so why don't we all just drop this Speaker bullshit and move on to January 2017.

Look, there is Robert's Rules of Order. Those rules pretty much rule and whoever gets the gavel is called the "speaker" and is in charge of things. One little tyrant has to go take a crap sooner or later, so that is like a 6 hour job before some other nit got the gavel, and with all that disorder, that would serve America best as nothing out of Congress has been worth a damn for years.........just for foreigners like Obama.

So as no one nominated me on my sound agenda as Speaker, here is a new one. Tell Paul Ryan to wait for a lightning bolt or cancer to strike down his treacherous ass, and America just do without this worthless position until the next elections.
No one is going to miss the Speaker and it will be a relief to get rid of one asshole without having another asshole shitting up the place.

That is the solution. The House has it's worthless Hillary hearings which won't do a damn thing, America will give image Obama more debt and we do it all without a Speaker as we wait to vote for President Trump.

We now return you to women with large breasts to comfort you.

Oh I really would like this John Hawkins to stop being led around by his brain as the limited space inside his skull is not doing him or the right much assistance or good.